Friday, December 31, 2021

2022 Challenges

I don't make New Year's resolutions, I make New Year challenges. Here are my quilty challenges for 2022. These are in random order and won't necessarily be pieced consecutively.

1. Writer's Block from Red, White, and Sometimes Blue.  I cut strips for this quilt three years ago but never found the time to actually sew anything. Of course my quilt is going to be blue & white, or maybe blue & cream or maybe even blue & gray. I haven't decided on the background fabric.

I don't know why it's named Writer's Block, it reminds me of a variation on the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt. I plan to add an applique border.

2. Double Delight - This is a free quilt pattern by  Bonnie Hunter. Double Delight was her 2008 mystery quilt and is found at the bottom of the free pattern page with the rest of the older mysteries that never made it into books.

I prepped the fabrics for the quilt and took all the bits and pieces along to the Jane Stickle retreat in November. Sewing on this quilt didn't happen but it's ready to go! The little 9 patches have been sewn for several years.

3. Blue Ridge Beauty - Another Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book Adventures with Leaders & Enders. This quilt will be made with blues and creams/beige.

4. Wildflower Woods - This was a BOM kit I purchased several couple years ago at Caroline's Cotton Cottage. The fabrics are civil war colors. I'm not enthused by civil war fabrics anymore but I will make this quilt anyway, it will be a nice change from all the blue quilts. The fabrics are more brighter and colorful than the photo on the website.

5. Reduce the amount of strips in the 2" box. Quilting Twin has lots of free patterns for 2" strips. I want to make at least 1 queen sized quilt top from the box and I've printed off the Snowflake and Circling the 9's patterns. 

I sorted through the box and divided the strips into two groups, white based and cream based. I had forgotten a year ago I pulled most of the autumn fabrics and made two quilts. There isn't much of those fabrics in the box anymore.

6. Every year I piece a quilt flimsy which I donate to be quilted and sold in a school quilt auction. This auction provides funds for the school my Pennsylvania grandchildren attend.

Maybe one of the quilts I piece from the 2" strip box can be used as a donation quilt for this auction.

7. RSC projects - I had decided on several different quilt blocks but changed my mind and decided to finish projects instead.

In 2018 I finished a smaller quilt called Star Dance. I want to make this flimsy larger so I'll be making sawtooth stars each month.

Dancing stars and scrappy sprouts need finishing also. Sewing blocks for a new quilt is fun but the sense of accomplishment when finishing one is so awesome!

8. Hand quilting, I would like to have Welsh Beauty halfway quilted by the end of May, more would be great but I'll settle for halfway.

9. Applique - Of course I'm continuing Hearts & Wreaths. This is a wonderful project to pick and take with me.

10. UFQ's - I have several unfinished scrappy quilts started several years ago that need to be finished. I want to finish at least one of them.

11. Fire Island Hosta Queen - Years ago I bought the pattern, last fall I bought fabric, it's time to make the quilt! This quilt is going to be a long term piecing project, it's a Quiltworx design.

12. Goose Garden - I bought this pattern years ago and pulled some fabrics. There is an alternate way to set the blocks on the backside of the pattern which I like better than the front design. This isn't a huge quilt and will be good practice for the Fire Island Hosta quilt.

13. Charity quilts - I made at least 15 charity quilts in 2021. I'm not sure how many I will piece this year but I do have 6 crib quilts to be quilted and donated.

14. Flower Patch SAL continues through the spring.

15. Get Together - This quilt is on the cover of the April 2020 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. The magazine actually had a sew along for people to participate. Of course I didn't sew along at that time, I work at my own pace several years behind everyone else. I have made some of the 9 patch blocks and purchased blue and red fabric for borders.

There are other quilts I'd like to make but these are the main challenges for 2022. I'll try to remember to have a post at the end of December 2022 and update you on my accomplishments or lack of accomplishment.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Flower Patch Mystery, Blocks 6 & 7

Blocks 6 and 7 of the Flower Patch Mystery were pieced before I went to Phoenix.

Block 6 was a repeated of block 3, the flower block. I changed block 6 so it would look different than block 3. I had planned to make the flower red, like block 3, but I forgot and didn't remember until I had cut the blue fabrics. So this flower is in blues.

Here are blocks 6 and 3.

Block 7 - I made my tulips red, just to add a touch of color to this quilt.

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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Appliquing Hearts & Wreaths in Phoenix

I've returned home from my wonderful vacation in sunny (most of the time) Phoenix. I'll write an in depth post sometime but not for today.

The hearts in this block had already been appliqued so only the leaves were appliqued in Arizona.

I think this block is the prettiest one so far but then I guess I say that about every block. This is block 8.

Here is a link to the original post about Hearts & Wreaths if you would like some background information. These blocks will finish at 16".

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Friday, December 24, 2021

Patchwork Squares With Yellow

Earlier this fall I pieced several more rows for patchwork squares with yellow. They have been sewn to the small body. The width of the top measures approximately 36" - 37". There is a long way to go yet before this flimsy is ready to be quilted.

I have decided to quit using the light fabrics, they just don't show against the soft yellow. I think it looks like a hole in the quilt!

Ignore those two blocks on the right side, those are squirrels that are running around in my sewing room.

When I cut the background squares for my Hearts & Wreaths applique blocks, I had a section of soft yellow that wasn't large enough for an applique block. That fabric has been cut into squares and added to this quilt.

Here is a former post about patchwork squares.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Checkered Past

Do you ever have a morning when things are going well then disaster hits? When I have a morning like that, I don't feel like doing anything the rest of the day. That happened to me one morning in November.

I made myself sew anyway but I didn't work on any of my projects in progress. After viewing all the lovely projects on the Making a Lather blog, I looked up the pattern for Checkered Past and made a block. 

I didn't make my block using the sizes Becky specified in her pattern, I used squares from the 2" box and cut my center square 6.5", 6" finished. My block finishes at 12". 

I don't know if I'll set this and future blocks together like Becky's pattern, I have plenty of time to think about it this coming winter.

I love my block! This will definitely be a great pattern for reducing all the squares and strips in the 2" boxes.

All the free patterns on the Quilted Twin website are wonderful. My only complaint is I really wish they were in alphabetical order instead of random. 

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Hearts & Wreaths

While I was at retreat in November, I chain stitched the embroidered circles on 4 background blocks of Hearts & Wreaths.

The hearts have been appliqued on the centers of these blocks, ready for leaves when I return home.

I'm using 3 strands of black embroidery thread which is more than the patterns suggests. I like the boldness the extra strand adds to the chain but it doesn't overwhelm the leaves.

Some of the fabrics look similar but they are all different.

The background fabric is a soft yellow but it's not as washed out as it looks in these pictures. Here is a link to the more true color. You'll need to scroll down to where I show the bolt of fabric.

I mark for the leaves differently than a lot of people. I don't trace the whole leave on the background, I draw a V where it will be covered by the leaf. I know the top point of the leaf touches the chain stitching. The bottom V shows the angle of the bottom point. This works for me, I never have to worry about covering up markings and I don't have to spend as much time marking.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Orange Sorbet

The corners of the stars for Orange Sherbet were flippy corners. I took the time to sew a 2nd seam so I could cut them off and they were ready for pressing. If you don't sew the double seams before trimming, you'll really wish you had!

The first step for orange sorbet was to press the HST's open so I did. Here they are, all 240 of them!

Next step is trimming them to 2.5". I'll get those trimmed sometime after I'm home from Phoenix.

The plan is to make these leftover HST's into a crib quilt but I don't know how soon that will happen.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

How Did I do?

On the first day of January 2021, I challenged myself to make or finish several projects. So how did I do? Did I finish any of my challenges?

#1 Here is Embroidered Double Wedding, sewn into a flimsy after 25+ years!

Challenge 2 was to make at least 1 flimsy from the extra's box. Not only did I make at least 1 flimsy, I ended up making 3 flimsys! I wrote about the flimsys in this post.

These 3 quilt tops are for charity. They'll be turned into knotted comforters.

Challenge 3 was to reduce the amount of strings in the 2" and the 2.5" boxes.

Here are a few of the quilt tops that were made.

These flimsys were all made from the 2.5" strip box or the 2.5" squares box.

There were many other quilt tops that were made also.

My plan was to never empty the 2.5" box, just get it under control. That has happened, I even took a picture of the box but blogger sent it somewhere and I can't find it now. You'll just have to take my word for it.

As for the 2" strips box, well, let's just say that's on the list for 2022!

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Hearts & Wreaths

 This is the 7th appliqued block for Hearts & Wreaths. I think this is the prettiest block so far but then I think that about every block I finish!

Here is a link to the first post I wrote about Hearts & Wreaths.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Indian Hatchet

Sunday morning of the retreat, I pulled my Indian hatchet project (after I had finished orange sherbet) formerly known as nameless quilt. I've accumulated quite a few cut off triangles over the last several years. It was time to make more blocks.

The little blocks have been trimmed to 2.5". Next thing is to sew them into larger blocks. I really don't know when that is going to happen. 

I don't know how large this quilt will become. My original idea had been to make the blocks into a charity quilt but I'm liking this hodgepodge of triangles. I may just keep it for myself.

Just to keep you informed, I'm leaving tomorrow and flying to Phoenix for several weeks. I have posts set to publish but I won't be linking up anywhere. If you want to read my posts, you'll either have to subscribe or actively look for my blog.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Retreat Projects That Didn't Happen

Several weeks ago, I had a post showing you fabrics from all the projects I was going to make at retreat. Only one of those projects happened, the first one, the salmon/peach fabrics, which turned into Orange Sherbet.

This post is about the projects that didn't happen at retreat. The first one was a cow crib quilt. I did prep all the fabrics pieces for this one. While prepping I decided this pattern needed close attention, especially since I was changing the cow colors. Close attention is not a good candidate for piecing at a retreat, at least not for me.

Those pieces are on a tray, ready to be pieced sometime this winter.

The second scratched project was Blackbirds by Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts. I didn't even cut this one out. These blocks are not foundation paper pieced. There are a lot of pieces to keep straight, again needing close attention. 

The last project, using my beloved blues, was Double Delight, a former mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. This one did get completely prepped and taken along to the retreat but not worked on. It will happen sometime this winter. 

The individual 9 patches are all pieced and ready to be sewn into the double 9 patch block. 

The other block is a rolling stone block. I sewed one of the blocks to make sure I liked the color combination I'm using. I love it! There will be other blue fabrics used also. This will be a good scrap buster.

I greatly over estimated how much I'd accomplish but I'm glad to have several projects ready to sew.

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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Quilting Across Welsh Beauty

Another swath across Welsh Beauty has been quilted, again mostly crosshatching. If you look in the middle of the second photo, you can see the start of the center design. Let me remind you, this isn't the center of the quilt, it's just the start of the center design.

The quilting from right to left . . .

After I roll, I think I'll start quilting in the center!

Here is link to the first post about Welsh Beauty.

I'm flying to Phoenix Saturday and have written posts to publish while I'm gone. 

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Friday, December 3, 2021

Fall's Finery aka Orange Sherbet

The main project I worked on at the Jane Stickle retreat was Fall's Finery which I've renamed Orange Sherbet. I don't think it looks like a fall quilt, to me it looks cool and icy, like sherbet!

Here is my pieced quilt!

I used to subscribe to quilt magazines, but don't anymore. I've have more than enough inspiration in the old magazines! I do treat myself to a magazine or two to peruse while traveling.

Last September I bought issue 172 (October) of American Patchwork & quilting magazine. There were several quilts in the issue that I would love to make but the one that I like the best was Fall's Finery, designed by Andy Knowlton.

After I returned home, I pulled the peach fabrics I had on hand. I already had a lovely gray fabric. I did buy a few more peach fabrics to have more variety.

I started piecing Orange Sherbet Thursday morning after I finished the 16 patch quilt. It took me all the rest of Thursday to  piece the 120 corners for the star blocks. It was incredibly boring, a good retreat sewing project. 

Since the corners were finally finished, the flying geese blocks were the next item. That is what I did most of the day Friday. The geese were made with the flippy corner method. After the first squares were sewn, I took the time to sew a second seam. The blocks were pressed and ironed to the outside. I cut in between the lines and stuck all those smaller HST's in a bag for a future project. Then it was time to sew the next square, again sewing a second seam for make a smaller HST. I have a total of 240 of those triangles to press open.

Of course Friday night was show & tell, no sewing during that.

Saturday I could finally start start putting the sections together. That really didn't take long to do. The blocks were arranged on a display wall then it was time to sew the rows together. I kept on going and by 11 PM Saturday night, I had the center pieced.

Early Sunday morning the outside borders were attached and the quilt given a good pressing.

This quilt was pieced in a little over 3 days and measures 74" by 86.5".

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Odds & Ends About Retreat

It had been two years since I attended a quilt retreat. I didn't remember how to organize everything in the car but I finally got everything in. 

Here is a view of the trunk. I always take my personal sewing chair. It eliminates any backaches.

And the backseat. 

Of course I didn't need everything but I didn't want to have to run home to pick up anything.

There is a resale table at the retreat and I did a bit of shopping.

The bundle of green and brown fabrics is so pretty! The autumn fabric has become curtains in an upstairs bedroom. I have a granddaughter who will love the purples and teals in the jelly roll. The pack of charms are such cute fabrics, perfect for a crib quilt and everyone needs more neutrals.

I had planned to display my Floral Triangles for show & tell at the April 2020 retreat. After two years, she finally made it to there. When I have a large quilt to show, I like to use it on my  motel bed, so much more prettier than a motel bedspread. And yes, I'm a one pillow girl. The rest are on a shelf in the closet.

I needed a new pair of slippers so I stopped at Yoder Department store on the way and bought these lovelies. They're nice and warm and will be used all the time in the winter. They were my way of celebrating being able to attend a retreat again!

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