Sunday, October 29, 2023

Hearts & Wreaths

I'm still having problems with downloading pictures, now something else has changed! I'm in a holding pattern until our daughter arrives mid November for Thanksgiving, she'll figure it out!

I just wanted to let you know, even thought I can't post pictures or even retrieve pictures that are stored in Blogger, I am still making progress with Hearts & Wreaths. 

All of the borders have been appliqued and attached to the center. All of the corners have been embroidered and one corner has been appliqued. Maybe it will be completed by the time I'm posting pictures again, I sure hope so anyway.

Here is a link to a September post about Hearts & Wreaths.

Here is a link to my first post about Hearts & Wreaths.

The Hearts & Wreaths pattern is found in issue 138 of Quiltmania magazine.

I'm still taking pictures and I'm writing post drafts. I'll have lots to show you whenever I can post pictures again.

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Friday, October 13, 2023

Scrappy Sprouts Finish!

Several years ago I started piecing scrappy sprouts blocks using the color of the month with RSC. Earlier this year I sewed the sprout blocks into columns but I was undecided about what flower to use. Not everyone adds flowers to their sprouts but I wanted flowers.

This summer Preeti hosted 2023 Positivity Sew Along on her blog then designed a flower for the stem blocks. That is the flower I used for my sprouts. The flower pattern is no longer available on her blog.

I did modify the flower for my blocks adding a pointy part to the bottom of the flower to set into the stem. It's not perfect but I can live with it. I also had to add spacers to the sides of the flower blocks to be the same width of the scrappy sprouts.

Since the quilt is going to hang on a white wall, I used a black floral for binding. I cut the binding at 3" so I would have 1" on the top for a nice frame.

I'm not that good at machine quilting larger quilts with my sewing machine but I decided I was going to quilt this quilt myself.

I taped a large piece of plastic to the garage floor, (after blowing it off several times) then layering the layers like normal except I used spray adhesive. I also pinned those layers to help to make sure it stayed together. I should have used more adhesive but there wasn't as much in the can as I thought there was.

Scrappy Sprouts is based on a 2" grid so I thought I would just stitch 1/2" from the edge of the vertical seams. I didn't like it, I thought she looked baggy so I ended up stitching more seams which for the most part are 1/2" apart.

The quilting on the left side of this picture is 1/2" apart. The right side is 1" apart.

My stitching rows aren't perfectly straight but this quilt isn't meant to be viewed closely. You need to stand back several feet then look at her.

For the backing fabric, I used sheets from a sheet set I no longer need or use. I did have to piece the top sheet with part of the bottom sheet.

I've got a curtain rod and hangers for display purposes but she's not installed yet. This quilt will be hanging in my basement sewing studio where I will get to see her every day. I'll show you a picture when she's displayed. Flowers in the winter always bring a smile to my face.

Since I had used spray adhesive to hold the layers together, I was concerned about what effect this might have on the cotton fabric fibers. I washed the quilt and set the washer control to add an extra rinse beside the normal rinse. After washing then drying, my Scrappy Sprouts now measures 73" wide by 75" long.

Here is a link to instructions for the Scrappy Sprouts quilt.

The best things about this finish is that an UFQ is finished! Now there is just one unfinished project from the RSC, Dancing Stars! The problem is I know they are in the sewing studio somewhere but I don't know where somewhere is! I'll work on another UFQ until I find them.

I'm still having a problem downloading photos, I don't know if I'll have a Sunday post or not.

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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Wakarusa Quilt Garden

I did have a picture of Hearts & Wreaths to show you but my download didn't work. Hopefully I can show you next Sunday.

These are September pictures of the Wakarusa Quilt Garden. She's definitely showing some age but she's still lovely!

This picture is a slightly different angle than the first picture.

The flowers in these planters have been replaced with mums. The planter to the right isn't blooming very much anymore.

These trees are on the the same street as the quilt garden. This photo was taken September 27th. These trees are completely orange now.

The flowers are usually removed the first of October, flower season is finished. I'm always rather sad to see summer leave. It's just after 8 in the morning and the street lights are still on!

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

A Blogging Break

I hadn't anticipated taking a blogging break but I am. Unfortunately my phone is not communicating with my computer and I can't airdrop photos! I won't be blogging until this problem is solved, I think blogposts without pictures are BORING!

I'm including this picture I took several years ago at the farm. The trees here at the new house don't have long spreading branches since the trees are closer together.

Have a lovely autumn or, for southern hemisphere friends, a lovely spring with lots of Happy Stitching! I'll have lots to show you when I return!