Friday, June 24, 2022

Churn Dash SAL

Since Wildflower Woods is a flimsy, I can make progress on other projects. So far 16 churn dash blocks have been pieced for Chooky Blue's SAL

I do have the HST's cut for 14 more HST's. It was very fast to cut the pieces using the GO!Me cutter. I'm going to need a total of 50 blocks.

I didn't realize how much pink and brown fabrics I had in the civil war tub until I started rummaging through it. I had planned to make my churn dash blocks in a variety of colors but I've changed my mind.

All of the HST blocks are brown fabrics and the sides are going to be pink fabrics. There will be a variety of background fabrics.

My friend Deanna gave me a bunch of civil war fabrics before she moved to Utah. I had forgotten how fabric there was.

The blocks finish at 9".

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Wildflower Woods Finish!

The borders have been sewn to Wildflower woods. The flimsy is almost completely finished and measures 78.5" by 90.5".

The narrow border finishes at 3". I cut the outside border at 7.5" which is a different size than what the pattern called for.

There is enough of the outside floral border fabric left that I am going to add broderie perse to the light fabric triangles of the center. That applique will have to wait until all the applique blocks for Hearts & Wreaths are finished.

Wildflower Woods is #4 on my challenge list for 2022.

Last week someone asked me if I enjoyed working from a kit or if I preferred working from my stash. I liked most of the fabrics in the kit but there were some I liked better than the others. The brown outside floral border is nice but the same fabric design was originally available with a black background. There was a small piece of that fabric used in another block, I like the black background so much better than the brown. That black background would have really made the pink in the narrow border pop.

I would have to say my preference really is working from my stash. 

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Welsh Beauty

Another swath across Welsh Beauty has been quilted. I'm trying to get as much quilted as I can before the busy summer really starts.

Here are the pictures, from left to right or right to left, however Blogger decides to arrange them. Looks like Blogger decided on right to left.

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Shoo-Fly Blocks

One fabric color I have plenty of is blues, lots of blues, from darks to lights.  So I had plenty of blues to choose from to sew blue shoo-flies for June.

Here are 25 of the 49 blocks that were pieced. These little blocks finish at 4".

These blocks and the rest of the shoofly blocks will be used to make the center of Star Dance larger. 

Here is a link to the Star Dance pattern.

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Friday, June 17, 2022

More Added to the Center

There are two rows of blocks added to the Wildflower Woods Center.

This flimsy now measures 58.5" by 70.5" but this measurement was taken while laying on the floor. It's probably a little larger than that.

Next there will be a 3" finished border then a floral outside border.

If I have enough fabric left from the floral border fabric, I may add some broderie perse to the light fabric triangles of the very center of the flimsy. The red triangles brighten up the blocks, I thought some of them were rather dreary looking.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Just For Fun

I've been really pushing myself to sew the flimsy for the Wildflower Woods BOM. I'm rather tired of brown and pink right now. Sometimes you just need to sit and sew something completely different than what you've been working on.

A month ago, Jo posted about a quilt she was making called Red Diamond Crumb blocks. To me, they looked like weird log scrappy cabin blocks.

I pulled a baggie of small pieces and started piecing blocks. Not all of my scraps were pieces, some were strips that needed to be used. I also added some borders to separate some of the rows.

Right now this this flimsy measures 27.5" by 32". I'm not making a large quilt, a crib quilt will be fine. 

I've put it away for now but the next time the urge strike me to  just sit and sew, I'll pull this out and finish it.

By the way, Jo has finished her Red Diamond quilt

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Sunday, June 12, 2022


I had thought last Sunday was the only handwork for Wildflower Woods but I was wrong. Block 9 was a doozy. I don't mind set in seams but this block finishes at 6" and those were small pieces to be inset!

I decided the way to go was hand piecing the block. I hand pieced 2 butterfly blocks then carefully pressed them. Guess what, they were too small!

I had 3 choices of what to do next, 1 - piece 2 more butterflies which I was not going to do. 2 - piece 2 more windmill blocks since the butterflies will be set beside them or 3 - sash them.

Number 3 was an easy winner so that is what I did.The sashing isn't very wide but it works.

I made a change in the fabric used for the top part of the wings. The piece in the baggie was from the border panel which would have worked great if there would have been a whole piece of a flower but there wasn't. I didn't like the way I thought it would look. This piece of pink vine fabric was large enough to cut 4 wings so that is what I used. I liked this fabric than the original fabric.

Block (or month) 9 is the last block to be pieced. I started sewing the quilt together earlier and posted about that last Friday.