Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Indian Hatchet Tutorial

Despite my resolve to not start anymore quilts this year, I did! But it's a leader/ender quilt.

After I sewed the binding for the Bloom/Bouquet quilt, I had cut off triangles to contend with. Instead of letting them accumulate in a box for years, I dug out white squares from the 2.5" square box and sewed a few of them. I took pictures while I was doing this and wrote a tutorial.

Recently I had an Indian Hatchet quilt finished, it took me many years to piece the blocks for this quilt. It originally lived in my retreat bag as a 'take along to retreat' project. 

There were many kind remarks about the quilt but I could tell people didn't understand how I pieced the blocks. And since Blogger isn't very cooperative anymore, I'm not able to respond to people's comments. That's why I'm making the tutorial.

The blocks are very simple, you need a 2.5" square of background fabric and a cutoff triangle from binding or whatever. It doesn't matter what size the triangle is. If you want to cut triangles from a fat quarter or yardage, that's ok, it's your quilt, you use whatever fabric you want. (The green cutting mat makes the white fabric look pink)

Lay the triangle upside down onto the background fabric. I don't measure the triangle, I just eye it and see if it looks like it will cover the corner. Sometimes it doesn't but I don't resew it unless it's really off.

Stitch the triangle to the corner of the background fabric.

Press triangle to one side. I normally wait to press until I have a bunch of them sewn. A bunch is more than 5 but less than 100. You don't have to press, you could wait to press until the other side is attached but the triangle lays flatter for me if I press them separately.

Backside of block after first pressing.

This is the salad box I keep my triangles in. There is a lid, lids are important in case you drop the box!

Sew the 2nd triangle on the opposite corner.

Press to the side.

Trim away background fabric. I take a scissors and just cut it off, it doesn't matter what the width is. Don't over think this!

Take a ruler and trim the blocks to 2.5".

Trimmed block.

Two trimmed blocks.

When you sew your blocks together, the colored fabric corners are sewn together. If you want something different, you could alternate the colored corners. Look closely at these blocks, the triangles are all different sizes. I didn't cut that that way, that's how they turned out after I sewed them. This quilt probably has some HST's I sewed a small triangle to the background fabric corner.

I sewed the blocks together in groups of 16. You can sew your blocks together in whatever size you want. You can use larger background squares to sew your triangles onto. Take this pattern and make it your way, have fun!

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Hearts & Wreaths Progress

Progress has been made with Hearts & Wreaths, I trimmed the blocks then sewed them together. Now all I need to do is applique the borders, sew them to the center then I'm ready for hand quilting!

Look at all that space where the corners of the blocks meet, I envision lovely quilting motifs in those corners.

Unfortunately it will probably be at least a year before those borders are finished.

The center will hang on the display wall to keep my enthusiasm  going for the borders. I won't be able to use a large part of the display wall but that's ok. I smile every time I look at the blocks.

I started appliqueing the blocks for Hearts & Wreaths in August 2021. The pattern can be found in issue #138 of Quiltmania magazine. Here is a link to my first post about Hearts & Wreaths. I had originally planned to make my quilt larger by appliqueing 25 blocks instead of 20 but I changed my mind.

I've adjusted to my basement sewing room, I love all the space! I had several friends come for a sew day in early November, they loved all the space too and were impressed with the lighting! 

The basement heating works fine, I'm not cold at all.

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Friday, December 2, 2022

This 'N That

November has been jammed full of activities. I haven't had time to sit and power sew quilt blocks but I have made some progress on various smaller projects.

Four of the five quilts that Lori quilted have had the binding attached but poor orange sherbet is still waiting for her finish, maybe next week?

The little blooms/bouquet quilt has  her borders now, machine quilting will happen sometime this winter. I'm not sure if she'll become a charity donation quilt or not. She won't be going anywhere though until she's finished.

I had bought autumn fabrics and made napkins to be used for autumn and Thanksgiving.

I thought the grandsons would especially enjoy the fabric with the squirrels.

Then I decided to make winter napkins. Nothing says winter more than red cardinals and blue snowflakes! These will be used through the winter, not just at Christmas.

The zigzag stitching was done on my mother's old Elna which was probably purchased back in 1966 or '67? I use it all the time to wind bobbins. New modern machines don't fill bobbin completely full which I find very annoying. 

On my way to the Jane Stickle retreat in Shipshewana, I browsed at Gohn Brothers in Middlebury. The prices were so reasonable I bought 4 -1.25 yard pieces of baby flannel to make receiving blankets. The raw edges have also been finished with zig zag stitching. These have since been delivered to The Center in Nappanee. It's been cold here and they'll be used!

If you're wondering how to pronounce Gohn, most people pronounce it so it rhymes with John. However my mother always scoffed at that and said Goon Brothers. I assume that is the German pronunciation.

While searching through the Christmas fabric tub, I came across several yardage pieces. I hemmed them with my rolled hem foot. They turned out very nicely and will be used this Christmas season as table toppers.

I've also sewn bindings on several comforters that were knotted at church. There are several women who sew bindings besides me. The pictured comforter is one I pieced. 

It's probably a good thing I've been busy because I haven't started any new quilts. I was so inspired by all the quilting beauty I saw at retreat that I was ready to start at least 5 quilts the first day home!

It probably sounds crazy to most of you but December is actually a slower paced month for me. I'm glad, I'm ready for some stay at home sewing time.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Dresden Stars

Years ago I bought a kit at Lolly's Fabrics for Edyta Sitar's Dresden Star pattern. This is an older pattern, I think the copyright date is 2006. I decided it was time to start on this quilt and prepped fabrics to sew the Dresdens at retreat.

These petals or wedges or whatever you call them were a very good project to sew at retreat, can I say boring? This was Saturday's project and they're finished to this stage!

Update . . . These wedges are NOT EPP'd, they're pieced the way Edyta instructed in the pattern.

This project may be pulled to sew more this winter or it may wait until April for the next step. 

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Darlene Zimmerman Embroidery Blocks

I didn't want to start a new sewing machine project Sunday morning at the retreat so I pulled the Darlene Zimmerman embroidery panel I brought along and started another block. Looking back in my blog, I see I started embroidering this panel in 2017!

Since I don't have a quilt in the frame for hand quilting and I'm not appliqueing Hearts & Wreaths, I had plenty of time to finish this block. Of course I changed the colors of the flowers to my liking. The light green balls on the darker green stems are french knots wrapped around the needle 8 times. I thought they added some texture to the block.

I'm trying to finish projects the rest of this year. This panel has been languishing for sometime in the embroidery project drawer but now I have a purpose for these blocks, time to get them finished!

The embroidery has started on the last block, hopefully that will be completed by next Sunday.

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Friday, November 25, 2022

Blue Easy Breezy - Courthouse Steps

In the summer of 2020, Bonnie Hunter's leaders & enders project was the Easy Breezy quilt. This was an easy block to make and I made a lot of blocks in varying sizes.

I pulled 2.5" strips from the box and pieced an easy breezy in blues and whites for our oldest granddaughter.

Then I pulled all the blues from the 2" strip box and pieced an easy breezy with blues/yellows and whites. That is this quilt! (She is displayed on top of double delight, the medium blue border is the edge of the quilt.)

For this quilt I selected the cat paws pattern. These are giant cat paws!

She measures 88.5" by 101" and will probably someday go to one of our grandchildren. 

There is one more quilt to have the binding finished. November has been a very busy month and I haven't haven't had time to finish the last quilt. I have something more special than straight edge binding planned for Orange Sherbet.

And because I'm glad to have Blue Easy Breezy-Courthouse Steps finished, I'll leave you with another picture. You just have to love scrappy blue & yellow quilts!

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Embroidered Double Wedding Ring Quilt Quilted!

The embroidered double wedding ring quilt was finished into a flimsy in November 2021. The quilt was carefully folded lengthwise, very carefully placed on a hanger in the 'to be quilted' closet then completely forgot about!

When I was deciding which quilts I wanted to take to Lori for long arm quilting, I noticed those stars and wondered, 'What quilt is this?" Surprise! So I decided to have her quilted so she would be 100% finished!

Here she is in all with all of her quilted beauty! Those star really make the embroidery shine. The quilt ends at the solid blue border in the above picture. She's laying on top of double delight.

I had Lori quilt her with a Feather & Wreath design. After washing, she measures 76" by 90". Yes, she not a big quilt but she's finished!

I used to embroider a lot of quilt blocks like this, they were a good pick up and put down project when I had young children. 

Here is a close up of  the quilting on the center of the quilt.

On the back I used a light blue whole cloth fabric which displays the quilting design very nicely.

This was my oldest unfinished quilt project, at least 25 years old. Now she's a finish and resides on the guest bed. (I decided Welsh Beauty was too special to be used.)