Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Odds & Ends About Retreat

It had been two years since I attended a quilt retreat. I didn't remember how to organize everything in the car but I finally got everything in. 

Here is a view of the trunk. I always take my personal sewing chair. It eliminates any backaches.

And the backseat. 

Of course I didn't need everything but I didn't want to have to run home to pick up anything.

There is a resale table at the retreat and I did a bit of shopping.

The bundle of green and brown fabrics is so pretty! The autumn fabric has become curtains in an upstairs bedroom. I have a granddaughter who will love the purples and teals in the jelly roll. The pack of charms are such cute fabrics, perfect for a crib quilt and everyone needs more neutrals.

I had planned to display my Floral Triangles for show & tell at the April 2020 retreat. After two years, she finally made it to there. When I have a large quilt to show, I like to use it on my  motel bed, so much more prettier than a motel bedspread. And yes, I'm a one pillow girl. The rest are on a shelf in the closet.

I needed a new pair of slippers so I stopped at Yoder Department store on the way and bought these lovelies. They're nice and warm and will be used all the time in the winter. They were my way of celebrating being able to attend a retreat again!

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Another Block for Hearts & Wreaths

The 6th block for Hearts & Wreaths has been appliqued. This block was finished before I went to my retreat a week ago. The applique goes relatively fast, it's the prep work that takes so long!

The blue heart fabric is the same design as block 5, it's has the scissors in it! Except this fabric is blue instead of dark purple.

Here is a link to my first post about Hearts & Wreaths. The blocks will finish at 16". 

I did take along 4 background squares for Hearts & Wreaths to the retreat. The chain stitch embroidery was completed on all 4 backgrounds.

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Another 16 Patch Quilt

I had worked with the 16 patch blocks before retreat but didn't have time to finish it. I bagged it up and stuck it in my retreat bag. It was the first project under the needle Wednesday afternoon/evening at the retreat.

I didn't have quite enough of the 16 patch blocks to make an entire quilt so I used some of the leftover puss in the corner blocks from the first 16 patch quilt top.

The sashing for this quilt was leftover quilt backing. I've always liked this gray fabric. The cornerstones were going to be all darker grays from the 2.5" squares box. While I was bagging the pieces for the quilt, I noticed a mini charm pack that I had won. It has been sitting on the small table in the cutting room for years! I threw that little pack into the bag and they were also used for cornerstones.

The flimsy measures 62" by 81.5" and will be donated to the comforter bash.

The 16 patch blocks were made monthly through the RSC, a good way to make them!

Someone commented that my Christmas tree looks lovely. This isn't my tree, this is a tree from the Farmstead Motel in Shipshewana. We don't have a buggy in our house either!

There were 4 of the alternate puss in the corner blocks left. I thought how interesting a tone on tone quilt would be, wouldn't that be fun? I decided to sleep on it. The next day I thought what was I thinking?! I put the extra blocks into the extras block box, all the 2.5" squares were put into their correct box and same way with the strips. I'm not chasing that squirrel up a tree, at least not right now anyway.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Flower Patch SAL

I made sure I pieced the next two blocks for the Flower Patch sew along before I went to retreat. And I wrote the post so it would be ready to go!

First is block 4.

The pinwheels in my block aren't turning the same direction as the pinwheels in Denise's block. Oh well, that just makes my block an original.

I added two new blues to the block. I thought I had a lighter batik blue but I guess that got used somewhere else. The pinwheel fabric hasn't been used before. Also the outer edge of the flower is a new addition.

Here is block 5. Block 5 is a repeat of block 2 which is the cardinal block. I made a few changes to my block. I added more of the darker red and changed a placement. It didn't turn out like I thought but I'm not taking it apart and redoing it!

I also positioned the segments of the block differently to make it slightly different then block 2.

I pinned the new block to the display wall and took a picture of both cardinal blocks. They're pinned over other projects which you can see the edges peeking.

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

More Cross Hatching!

There was even more cross hatching to hand quilt this time across Welsh Beauty but I did it!

The right side of the quilt.

The whole swath of cross hatching. Yes, I know the picture looks kind of weird but photos that are the long way make for challenging positioning in a post. You get the idea.

And the left side of the quilt.

The start of the center design is making it's appearance after I rolled. Quilting across the row this time is still mostly cross hatching but it's exciting to be so close to starting the center! 

Let me be clear, I'm not at the center of the quilt, the center design is large, I just at the bottom edge of the center.

Here is a link to a picture of the quilt. Look at the bottom of the center. After I complete the next swath across the quilt, I might have 1/4th of the quilting completed, maybe . . . what do you think?

Here is a link to my first post about Welsh Beauty. This gives you more details about my quilt and other whole cloth quilts.

Here is an updated photo of my Thanksgiving cactus, it looks so pretty!

I'm not home right now, this is the last day of the Jane Stickle retreat. I'll link up after I return home this afternoon.

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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Hearts & Wreaths

The applique of block 5 for my Hearts & Wreaths quilt. 

I love the the scissors on this purple fabric!

First the embroidery is completed. I'm working on 4 blocks at a time so I embroidered all 4 of them. Then I appliqued the hearts on all 4 blocks. Then I auditioned the outside circle of leaves and took some off. I needed to add more dark leaves, otherwise the leaves all smeared together when viewed from a short distance.

The last time I posted about Hearts & Wreaths, someone asked me what size these blocks are. They will be trimmed before sewing together, the finished size is 16".

Here is more information Hearts & Wreaths.

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Friday, November 12, 2021

16 Patch Block Finish

I have a finish to show you today, the blocks were made in conjunction with the RSC. I think I started making these 16 patch blocks in 2020.

The 16 patch blocks have an alternate puss in the corner block. This quilt top measures 62.5" by 82.5".

I had several small yardage pieces of floral fabrics on hand so I cut them up and used them for sashing.

I'm not sure what this top will be used for. I had originally planned to donate it as a comforter top. That still may happen but for now I'll hang onto it just in case I need a quilt this size to be used as a gift.

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