Sunday, August 7, 2022

Welsh Beauty

Each stitch I make on Welsh Beauty is one stitch closer to the finish. I still have quite a bit to quilt but progress is being made!

Here is what I've accomplished over the past two weeks, from right to left.

I needed to use my scissors to mark my place for each picture. This is a LOT of crosshatching!

 Do you see the mistake in the first picture? I missed a 2" line! I'll have to unroll and stitch that line.

Here is the center of the the quilt. You can see the top of the center medallion peeking below the cross hatching.

And more cross hatching.

Still more cross hatching.

Finally to the left edge. I left off the duplicated cross hatching to the right of the scissors.

I have rolled and the corner design is appearing. Normally I quilt approximately 4" across each time. The next 4" of hand quilting will include a bottom feather or two of the longer pointy design. Here is a link to a photo of the whole quilt before quilting. I am about 4" above the top of the center medallion and 4" below the start of the corner design. There is probably at least 15" to be quilted.

I don't normally show all the cross stitching on the full swath across the quilt but today I did.

My first post about Welsh Beauty is dated September 5, 2021 but the quilting start in August 2021. I didn't write the exact date on the calendar. There have been a few changes from that post, I'm using variegated blue thread instead of brown.

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Friday, August 5, 2022

Flower Patch is a Flimsy!

I'm still trying to finish UFQ's into the flimsy stage. The latest flimsy finish is my Flower Patch Mystery Quilt.

When I last posted about Flower Patch in May, I had completed the quilt top according to Denise's instructions but I wasn't satisfied. I thought it needed more than a plain border.

I've foundation paper pieced flying geese borders then added a narrow red outside border to add a bit of color to the dark blue.

Each individual goose finishes at 2" by 4". For now the flimsy measures 78" square and will be going to the long arm quilter this month.

I don't normally sew mystery quilts but for some reason I pieced the first block. My daughter loved it and told me to make the quilt for her, so I did!

For my fabric selection, I pulled a variety of darker batiks needing to be used. I thought the blocks were looking dreary so I added the red for some zing.

I've always enjoyed foundation paper piecing which is the method Denise had us use. It was fun to make large blocks for a change.

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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Hearts & Wreaths

The 18th block for Hearts & Wreaths has been completed and she's another cutie! I purposely fussy cut those turquoise hearts to highlight the butterflies.

I'm going to be gone almost a week in August and then again in September. I'll prep hearts for blocks 19 and 20 to take along as a hand project. 

My main hand work focus will be hand quilting Welsh Beauty.

Here is more information about Hearts & Wreaths. Here is a link to the 16th completed block for Hearts & Wreaths. The post shows a photo of all the finished blocks to date. 

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Friday, July 29, 2022

Triple Treat or Kitty Corner?

Bonnie Hunter's new Leader & Enders project has started named Triple Treat. I was excited when I saw this pattern, mainly because it has no HST's!

I thought I made this same pattern 22 years ago when I found the pattern in the January/February 2000 issue of Fons & Porter magazine, For the Love of Quilting. I used that pattern to make a college quilt for son 2. I know how long it's been because he graduated from high school in 1999.

After comparing the two patterns, I realized it's not the same design at all. They both utilize 4 patches but they're not the same. Kitty Corner has more 4 patches which means I'd use more of the 2" and 2" strips!

Triple Treat has diagonal chains in both directions white Kitty Corner has only 1 diagonal chain.

Kitty Corner calls for 2" squares while Triple Treat uses 1.5" squares.

I'll have to decide which pattern I'm going to use but for now piecing has started on the twosies. I've decided to make my quilt in blues and close cousins of blues. I might change my mind but I'll decide that later.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Another Squirrel

Cathy, from Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilts, is all the time coming up with quilt blocks that I've never heard of. She's done it again, this time with blocks called Horizon. She's made 3 small quilts with the blocks.

Of course I had to stop what I was working on and piece a couple blocks to have a sample to look at. I have lots of Kona fabrics so that's what I used.I also decided I'm going to use black for contrast in all of the blocks.

Cathy gave the size of the pieces she cut but she didn't say where she cut the large rectangle to insert the contrast fabric. I cut the rectangle at 3.5".

My favorite of Cathy's 3 quilts is the one where she alternated the contrast section so that is what I plan to do. 

So far only 2 blocks have been pieced but there will be more coming, someday. This will be a great project to piece at a retreat, it doesn't involve much thinking.

For now those 2 blocks are hanging out on the design wall with the other squirrels.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Welsh Beauty

I decided to put Hearts & Wreaths on the back burner this week and spend my hand work time quilting..

The center medallion is quilted! Here are pictures from the right side of the quilt to the left side.

Here is a link to the first post about Welsh  Beauty. And here is a direct link to a picture of Welsh Beauty from the Stencil Company. There is going to be a lot of crosshatching until the outside swag border starts.

I'm excited to be this close to a finish but there is still a lot of quilting and several months before sewing the binding.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Sunny Lanes

More than a year ago, Cathy from Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting showed Sunny Lanes blocks she was piecing. I had never heard of this block!

After viewing her lovely quilt, I immediately (squirreled) pieced one block. I posted about this block way back on February 5, 2021! It has been hanging on my display wall ever since.

This is the UFQ I worked on this week, piecing 15 more Sunny Lane blocks.

I'm finishing projects. After I pieced that individual block, I stuck the orangey/yellow fabric in the box with the 2" squares and there it's been all this time, waiting for the finish.  I didn't have quite enough of that fabric so I pulled a slightly lighter, more yellow fabric to use. It worked just fine.

This quilt has turned out so pretty! I love how I made 16 blocks of the same design but my quilt has 2 designs!

The individual blocks finish at 12". My quilt measures 48.5". This pattern has used a bunch of 2" squares from the 2" box but the box is still more than half full.

Wouldn't a full size quilt in this pattern be wonderful? Maybe someday.

I'll be machine quilting this quilt on my sewing machine sometime this winter. I'm not sure if she'll be donated as a charity crib quilt or if I'll keep it for myself as a happy wall hanging.

Here is a link to the Sunny Lanes pattern from Quilter's Cache.

I have a lovely quilt and I'm happy to have another UFQ pieced.

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