Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Lady Jane Blocks

The last 14 blocks for Lady Jane have been pieced. As you can see, I'm using a variety of background fabrics. The fabric that reads 'white' is a very light gray fabric.

All I need to do now is finish the applique center and I can sew the quilt together! I'm planning on the applique taking the rest of the summer.

The pattern for Lady Jane is available here.

I'm sure everyone is aware that as of July 1, Feedburner will no longer be available to receive blog posts by email. A lot of bloggers are scurrying to change and I've even read of one blogger who will no longer be blogging.

I'm going to keep blogging but I haven't switched to a new service. My daughter will be visiting in a month or so, I'll let her do the technical work. Which means, if you follow me by email, you won't be receiving my posts after today.

You'll need to either bookmark my blog and check for new posts on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday or look for me at one of the linky parties.

Update: I just had a follower send me the information that my email deliveries are sent by Google, not Feedburner so I'll see what happens. If my followers still receive my posts by email, I'll put the follow by email link back up. *** I just had another person comment that Feedburner is Google. We'll all find out what happens July 1st!

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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Blue Stars Around the Garden, Quilting the White Border

My main focus this week has been hand quilting! The white border is 9" wide, I can't quilt the width in one pass so about half is quilted now.

Here is the border from the right side moving toward the left, just like I quilt.

I've rolled, the top border has been pinned to the backing.

The almost 5 year old is a determined little guy. He enjoys climbing this tree.

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Dancing Stars

Dancing Stars is the only RSC project I'm making that doesn't from the 2.5" boxes. The fabrics for these stars comes from the solids box.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of different purple fabrics that were in the box. Most of them were leftover fat quarters from the Modern Amish (Sound Check) and Amish 4 patch quilts I made for two grandsons.

Purple stars have been my favorite blocks so far but I think I say that every month.

The free pattern for Dancing Stars is here. These blocks are foundation paper pieced. This is what the back of the blocks looks like after it's been trimmed. I always cut the seam allowance off my paper piecing pieces before piecing. This way I don't have the paper stuck in crossing seams, that is so annoying!

After the stars were pieced, I cut the leftover fabrics into 2.5" squares and pieced two more 16 patch blocks. I've ended up with eight 16 patch blocks for June.

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Sauder Quilt Show

The first week of May, three vaccinated friends and I set forth on a journey. Our destination and purpose, Archbold, Ohio, to view the quilts exhibited at the 2021 Sauder Quilt show.

I did take pictures of the Best of Show quilts but I'm not going to highlight them. The pictures in the link are better than what I took, Best of Show Quilts. Most of the quilts I'm highlighting didn't win a ribbon, but a lot of them did.

I took photos of quilts and also the information about the quilt. I don't know how to make the information appear next to the side of the quilt picture so the information about the quilt appears underneath the photo.

I'll make a few comments about some of the quilts and no, I didn't only take pictures of the blue and white quilts.

This quilt is one that is on my list of to be made quilts.

As the spring season slowly emerges, I love the variety of green that appears as the soil slowly wakes up. I always think I need to make a green quilt. 

I loved this quilt, it's hand quilted! So many ideas for me to use in the future.

This is also another quilt on my someday list.

And a close up of Cheryl's quilt.

There were so many beautiful quilts at the show. I could have taken pictures of a hundred more quilts.

I really think this was their best quilt show ever!

There were several quilts on the display in the lobby made by the quilt shop but I only took pictures of these two. Kits were available for purchase.

I had a wonderful day out with my friends. We dined at the Barn Restaurant, it was so nice to eat a hot meal that I didn't have to cook! On the way home we stopped in Angola, Indiana at the Angola Quilt Shop. Lynn and I indulged in some fabric therapy while there.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

More Lady Jane Blocks

 There are a total of 16 Lady Jane blocks pieced. They sew fast since all the pieces were cut ahead of time. Just 14 more to go. The background fabric does not have a yellow tint like the picture shows.

The blocks are not trimmed yet. One time I read on someone's blog that if you sew accurately you won't need to trim the blocks after you sew them.

That is true but I have never had blocks turn out perfect. I'd rather have some extra to trim off than have the block be too small.

Here is the pattern for Lady Jane.

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