Sunday, April 21, 2024

Heart & Wreaths

I've been quilting the outside border of Hearts & Wreaths and the border is finished! I took lots of pictures!

I also took a picture of the quilt before I rolled the border.

Here's a link to my first post about Hearts & Wreaths way back in August 2021. And here is a link to the Quiltmania magazine that contains the pattern.

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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Radiant Blues

The first blocks for Radiant Blues are finished! These stars finish at 16".  All of the stars are going to have a flower center.

Foundation paper piecing makes these stars turn out perfect! This block is a little dark, I like the next block better.

There is a glow to the center fabric that doesn't show in the pictures. The gold vine gives the fabric a brown tint in the picture. It's not that way in real life. The fabric  around the center is a light gray but it looks white in real life also.

I took these pictures outside but they have a dark tint to them. Hopefully the next photos will show their brilliance.

The center fabric is called Dutch Cottage and is a Robert Kaufman fabric.

It takes me two days to piece one block. Feathered stars are slow blocks to piece.

The pattern for Radiant Blue(s) is found in the January/February 2007 issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine and is designed by Marsha McCloskey. I'm not using Marsha's directions to piece the stars, I'm foundation paper piecing them using the 16" pattern found here from Threaded Quilting Studio.

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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Hearts & Wreaths

If you remember way back in January when I put Hearts & Wreaths into the quilting frame, I didn't put the full quilt into the frame.

Since the quilt is slightly more than halfway quilted, I put that portion of the quilt into the frame. It's not hard to do, just unpin, adjust and pin again. Here are pictures of the adjusted quilt.

The quilting frame had been at the west of the basesment, now it's been moved to the east end under more LED lights that have been installed. I've included scrappy sprouts in this photo. Those things you see hanging from the ceiling are part of some decorations the former owners had left. The farmer yanked them down but the ends didn't come. When son 2 comes, I'll have him remove them. He's tall and can reach them without a ladder.

Here is just the quilt.

A side view of the quilt.

My plan for quilting is to go around the quilt and quilt the outside border. That takes longer than the inside blocks. It does get rather boring at times but that's why I watch movies on my ipad. Years ago, in the farm house, our TV was on a stand with wheels. I was able to turn it around and watch TV while I stitched which was very convenient.

I know that corner looks slightly puckery, it will be fine once the border is rolled. Overall, I've been pleased with the side tension with this frame.

There will be no post from me next Sunday, I'll be at the Jane Stickle Retreat in Shipshewana!

Just a reminder, I have problems with Mail Chimp delivery. If my Sunday/Thursday posts aren't delivered to you via email, just type into your browser. Or bookmark me!

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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Radiant Blues

In January I posted a list of projects for 2024. One of those projects was called Radiant Blue hereafter to be known as Radiant Blues. The pattern for Radiant Blue is found in the January/February 2007 issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine and was designed by Marsha McCloskey.

Marsha is famous for her method of piecing feathered stars. However, I'm not going to use her method. I'm a foundation-paper-piecer and I'm going to use the free 16" no Y seam feathered star fpp pattern from Threaded Quilting Studio. I used the same pattern for the first time when I made this little quilt.

The 16" star is a different size than the size star Marsha specifies for her pattern. I will make a sashing change. Another change is my wall quilt is going to be larger than the pattern and will include 9 stars.

I've pulled fabrics however the colors aren't quite true in this photo. And the fabric underneath the blues looks more brown than in person.

Here is a more true color picture of that fabric. I purchased this fabric several years ago to be used in a Patchwork of the Crosses quilt designed by Lucy Boston. I started that quilt with good intentions but quickly became unenthused. I made 6 blocks and made this little quilt.

I never did use this fabric so now it's time has come. These designs are approximately 5" on point, perfect for the centers of the stars.

I've laid the center paper on the fabric, perfect fit!

Here it is sewn. 

There are 3 different flower designs in the fabric, a perfect number for 9 blocks. Next post I'll have at least 1 feathered star block to show you, optimistically there will be 3 blocks!

Next time won't be next Thursday however, I'll be at the Jane Stickle retreat in Shipshewana!

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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Planning Party, Spring Progress

It's March so it's time to see the progress I've made with the list I published in January

Tula Hexies is a flimsy, I'm planning to quilt her sometime this summer with my sewing machine. She measures 51" by 80" at this time which is as big as I can handle with my machine. I'm sure she'll shrink after she's quilted.

Dresden Stars is also a flimsy and measures 94" by 105". This quilt will be long arm quilted sometime but I'm not sure when. I'm also not sure who or where it will be gifted.

The anniversary quilt is pieced. I'll get it quilted sometime this year and it will be ready to gift in 2025.

Are you making progress with your 2024 quilting plans?

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Hearts & Wreaths

I am halfway finished quilting Hearts & Wreaths!!!!! See that seam line in between the blocks, that's the center line!

The pictures are posted from the right side to the left side.

I moved the quilting frame, I think I'm able to take nicer pictures now. The background fabric actually looks yellow and there are no shadows,

Here's a link to my first post about Hearts & Wreaths way back in August 2021. And here is a link to the Quiltmania magazine that has the pattern.

I will not be posting next Sunday.

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Sewing Comforter Bindings

I don't like knotting comforters, instead I have volunteered to sew the bindings using this tutorial

In the first part of February, I sewed bindings on four comforters from church. When I returned those four, I brought two more home. After they were finished, I took pictures of them to show you.

Comforters are different from quilts in that they're usually made with larger blocks and they're knotted, not quilted.

The comforter on the left has been knotted. Here is a close up of the knots.

The comforter on the left has been strung (stringed?) but the strings haven't been cut. That will happen later when there is a 'knotting'. Usually crochet thread is used for strings/knotting, sometimes yarn is also used.

The last time I showed a 'stringed' comforter, people said in the comments they couldn't see the strings, now you can! In April my church will have a snip & knot evening where anyone can come and help knot comforters.

My friend Elaine went to the resource at the MCC Depot and brought home 4 comforter tops and knotted them. I had told her that I would bind them for her. She was happy to hear that, she dislikes the binding process. We work well together, I dislike the knotting process and would rather bind! Here is a picture of the 4 comforters she knotted.

The two outside comforters are both the same design. The blue Dresden is cheater cloth, a pre-printed fabric. I used to see a lot of 'cheater' cloth in stores.

The above comforters were bound in February but more comforters have come to me in March. After I finished piecing the anniversary quilt, I got to work and did more bindings.

Here are three more from church.

The red one in the center was a top that was given to me. I added the red outside border. There are many ladies from church who sew bindings, I don't always get 'my' comforter tops back. These comforters will also be knotted at the 'snip & knot' at my church.

The day I told Elaine that I would sew the binding on the comforters, Marie was there and asked if I would bind some comforters for her, sure! I'm glad to help. The next three are from Marie and are also going to MCC.

Most of the comforters are made from large square blocks, 5" or larger.

But that quilt in the center was made with bricks that finished at 2" by 4". It was so cute! I've never made a brick quilt but if I would, the bricks would probably be 4" by 8" or larger!

So far this year I've sewed bindings on 20 comforters. I'm a small part in the process, last year MCC shipped almost 60,000 comforters to people who needed them. 

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Hearts & Wreaths

As usual, more hand quilting from Hearts & Wreaths.

Here are pictures of the blocks from left to right.

Last week someone asked if my fingers have callouses? Yes, my finger tips are fairly calloused but I have dry skin and I get cracks sometimes. Then I use a light coat of super glue. That seems to take care of the cracks.

Also, when I do any kind of hand stitching, quilting, embroidery, applique, I use a thimble on the middle finger of my right hand. I don't buy the expensive kind but a metal one from the fabric store. Interestingly, I need a smaller thimble in the winter than the summer. I don't understand the reasoning behind that but it's true!

Thursday, March 14, 2024

The Anniversary Quilt

The Anniversary quilt is a flimsy, Plan B was a success!

Sunday was a windy day but I didn't realize how windy until I tried to take pictures. The quilt on the glider went fine. It's up against the wall so the wind doesn't blow there unless it's directly from the north.

The quilt hanging from the display line didn't go so well. You can see the farmer standing behind the flimsy tried to keep it under control. I took it down to try for pictures another day.

I was gone all day Monday so I tried Tuesday around oneish. Again it was too windy so I took the flimsy down and took a picture displayed on our bed. 

The farmer told me let's try again around 7 pm when the wind dies down. We did but it was still windy!

Wednesday morning I checked to see when sunrise was forecast, 7:45. I hung the flimsy on the display line and took the pictures at 7:55. Success!

Here is what the back of the quilt looks like.

After I took the picture of the back of the quilt, the flimsy started to slightly billow and float upward, the picture was taken just in time!

The border around the carpenter star is 9 patches, both kinds. Nine patches worked perfectly and the border looks like random squares which was the effect I was going for.

I pulled all the purples I had and strip pieced the blocks. If the fabric had purple in it, it went in the quilt. The turquoise (there are purple blotches on that fabric) adds a nice contrast to the purples.

I used the 5" Moda Love pattern for the carpenter's star in the center. I did buy fabric for the star because I wanted it to be a single color.

The outside border is a dark blue batik that has blotches of purple in it. I have no memory of buying this fabric but it was perfect for this quilt.

This flimsy measures 96" square. I'll get it to Lori sometime this summer for quilting.

Another project crossed off my 2024 list. Now I actually get to start a NEW quilt!

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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Hearts & Wreaths

Another week of hand quilting on the Hearts & Wreaths quilt. It's probably boring for you to see the pictures each week, you don't really see a lot of progress but it's happening. I'm half-way finished with the 2nd row. When the 2nd row is completed, the quilt is halfway finished!

I'm showing the pictures differently today, I'm posting them from the right side to the left. I'm not show the outside borders because I showed them to you last Sunday.

For some reason all the above pictures show some pink on the yellow fabric. It's not there is real life, the fabrics have NOT bled!

Here is a link to my first post about Hearts & Wreaths. 

And here is a link to the Hearts & Wreaths pattern in Quiltmania magazine.

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