Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Antique Star Variation

I've pulled an older project that hasn't seen the light of day since 2019. The original idea was to make Sue Garman's Antique Stars pattern. She designed a beautiful quilt, I love how varying the background fabrics make the blocks look framed in circles.

After I started piecing the 4.5" finished Ohio Stars used in this quilt, I changed my focus and decided to use these blocks in my own way. The stars were made in conjunction with the RSC in 2018 and 2019 but I guess I missed some months, I couldn't find any pink blocks. I need to piece 24 more Ohio star blocks, I'll make pink and black.

I wanted a center medallion so I pieced a feathered star in September 2020.

I placed the feathered star and the blocks on my display wall. I thought I knew how the alternate blocks was supposed to look like but this wasn't right! It was ok but not the look I was going for.

I decided to focus on the enlarging the medallion star to be compatible with the Ohio Star blocks. I knew I wanted a HST border but first I added background fabric borders finished at 1.5".

While I was sewing the HST border onto the star, I realized the alternate block I needed was an hourglass block! This looks much better.

Isn't it amazing what you can see in a picture that you don't see in real life? Time out while I get the seam ripper out and remove that bottom HST border.

OK, now the border is attached correctly.

Then I added another round of 1.5" background border then an 1.5" black border. This medallion center finishes at 27" which is the measurement of six 4.5" blocks. After typing this, I stopped and multiplied again, just to make sure 6 X 4.5 actually is 27. You never know, sometimes those numbers change!

I used the black fabric because it was used in the feathered star and because I think black brightens a quilt. The beige used in the alternate block is rather a blah shade. I have a good sized piece of yardage though and I'm using it.

This is where I'm at for now. I need to piece more of the alternate blocks and the rest of the Ohio star blocks.

I like how the hour glass blocks make a star.

I don't have an EQ program. Most of the people I know who do have EQ can't figure out how to use it anyway. I'll just stick with my calculator, pencil and paper.


  1. I did the same mistake on one of mine once using that border.

  2. Yes, this always happens to me, it is easier see in a picture what doesn't call our attention in real life. It is nice reading your post about the creative process of a new beautiful quilt.

  3. Antique Stars, it on the bucket list! Love Sue Garman's patterns and they are beautiful. Love what you are doing with the change and the hour glass blocks. Taking a photo can show us a mistake, before we go to far along the rabbit hole. It is looking beautiful and using a calculator is just normal for some of us.

  4. Love the feathered star, esp with that sawtooth border--the corrected one! . Glad you caught it before you got any farther. I always think the cell phone is one of the best tools in the sewing room!

  5. You are so right about those hourglass blocks - they make a great design! This is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  6. "Most of the people I know who do have EQ can't figure out how to use it anyway." That is too, too funny and might be true everywhere. I have EQ8 and it is NOT user friendly -but- like many tools, you get back what you're willing to put in. Perhaps I'm in the minority but I consider it worth my investment. Just sayin'. And by the way, your hourglass alternate blocks and your arrangement are an inspired choice.

    1. You are right, it is the effort you are willing to put into learning how to use the technology makes it possible to use the EQ programs. Most of the people I know aren't willing to do that. It's great that you are able to make it work for you. Happy stitching!

  7. Great to hear the "process" along the ups and downs of your creativity. There's nothing like an hour glass block to pull other blocks together. I agree with you about EQ8. Mine died when I updated my Mac a while back and then I got a notice from the company that they were no longer supporting it on Macs. Sigh. Graph paper, pencil, and a calculator works fine. I'm looking forward to seeing what your finished top looks like.

  8. Pencil and paper works for me too. This is looking great.

  9. Your feathered star is fabulous! The hourglass blocks look great with the ohio stars.

  10. with the hour glass blocks as alternates now you have another repeating star in your border around your feathered star. Good job, great choice!

  11. This is stunning. Photos are amazing for revealing those little errors. DH laughs at me for taking photos of my projects that I sit and study for hours sometimes. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  12. I love your product. It is so interesting to have you describe your design process. It shows how creative you are, but it also shows us how marinating our ideas for a while helps to make quilt that we like better. I especially like how you framed your feathered star which makes it just shine!

  13. Lovely changes you made to really make this quilt yours! I use EQ and find it easy, but many do not so why not use good old paper? This will be something special when you get it done. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.