Sunday, February 25, 2024

Hearts & Wreaths

The first row of applique blocks in the center section is completed! Since there are four rows in the center section and two borders, there are 6 rows total. Two have been completed so 1/3rd of the quilt has been completed!

The pictures are from the top of the first row in the center. I did quilt from the blocks above into the bottom row in several of the blocks.

The diagonal line background quilting adds so much interest.

Two stencils have been used in the corners of the applique blocks. The first one is this double heart design.

The second design is this one called feather design. I wrote about the stencils I used for marking Hearts & Wreaths in this post.

I'm using white thread for quilting. The quilting designs are very subdued and aren't going to jump out at you when you view the quilt from a distance. Applique is the focus of this quilt, the quilting designs are secondary.

The pin at the top of the border shows me where the quilting for the vine ends. It's hard to find the end if it's not marked.

Another amaryllis is blooming, isn't this red absolutely beautiful? She has only one bud and the bud has just three blooms instead of the normal four. When this amaryllis is finished blooming, she's finished for this winter. 

There are two more amaryllis with buds. The one will probably be blooming by next Sunday. 

The other bulb is way behind, it will be a month before that one blooms. See that tiny little bit of green picking out of the center?

I turn the amaryllis plants every day, it's not hard to do. When I plant the bulbs in the fall, I insert a small stone on the bottom of the pot. I don't have a problem with top-heavy plants toppling over when they're blooming.

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Linda said...

Your hearts and diagonal line quilting looks so pretty. I love the up close look at your leaves, they are so colorful.

Kate said...

The quilting looks great, but what a lot of effort. It's going to be a gorgeous finish. Happy stitching this week.

Julie in GA said...

You are making great progress on your hand quilting! The amaryllis is gorgeous!

CathieJ said...

I love your quilting. I have to remember to get an amarylis next year. They are so pretty. I don't believe I have ever had one.

Sarah said...

You have used some lovely fabrics! Your quilting is gorgeous as ever

Jenny said...

Beautiful quilting indeed

K Reeves said...

I love those diagonal lines too, Gretchen! They really do add interest, you have an amazing talent for designing beautiful backgrounds! Your amaryllis is gorgeous, such a vivid red!

Lin said...

Your quilting designs are working really well. xx

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

So pretty!! Love the designs you are using to quilt it. Your amaryllis is stunning! I've never had one before, must see if I can get some one day! Thanks for joining in on Monday This and That and I hope you have a wonderful week! xx

Sara said...

The quilt is so beautiful and your hand quilting enhances it.

Carol Andrews said...

Your quilting is beautiful on your sweet appliqué quilt. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. I’m really looking forward to seeing your progress on this beauty. I envy you your Amaryllis. We still are getting snow here. 😉 Carol