Sunday, November 21, 2021

More Cross Hatching!

There was even more cross hatching to hand quilt this time across Welsh Beauty but I did it!

The right side of the quilt.

The whole swath of cross hatching. Yes, I know the picture looks kind of weird but photos that are the long way make for challenging positioning in a post. You get the idea.

And the left side of the quilt.

The start of the center design is making it's appearance after I rolled. Quilting across the row this time is still mostly cross hatching but it's exciting to be so close to starting the center! 

Let me be clear, I'm not at the center of the quilt, the center design is large, I just at the bottom edge of the center.

Here is a link to a picture of the quilt. Look at the bottom of the center. After I complete the next swath across the quilt, I might have 1/4th of the quilting completed, maybe . . . what do you think?

Here is a link to my first post about Welsh Beauty. This gives you more details about my quilt and other whole cloth quilts.

Here is an updated photo of my Thanksgiving cactus, it looks so pretty!

I'm not home right now, this is the last day of the Jane Stickle retreat. I'll link up after I return home this afternoon.

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  1. Gretchen, your quilting is looking amazing! It thrills me that we're both working on the same wholecloth, in different ways though. Because I'm working on a hoop stand, I've started from the middle. I'm about to reach the crosshathing which will be a little dull for a while. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos.

    1. Yes, the crosshatching does get boring. Hope you have an Ipad so you can watch some movies! Happy stitching!

  2. I love how much cross hatching you got done before leaving on the retreat!!! Your stitching looks awesome!
    My Christmas cactus is growing but not blooming… your looks fab!

  3. Beautiful cross hatching!!! And your Thanksgiving cactus is looking so good, too! Mine is blooming but needs to fill out more, like yours.

  4. the cross hatching looks great but yes it can be a little boring. My cactus's are blooming or almost blooming now too - some a lot others just a little

  5. Beautiful quilting and what an heirloom you will have for your kids!

  6. Oh my goodness! What a lovely project! It's my first time seeing it and wow! Indeed you will have a lovely heirloom for your family. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Gretchen, your hand is stunning I will never tired of eeing your progress on this whole cloth, it is amazing.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. From the very photo of Welsh Beauty, Gretchen, to where you are now, it is truly astonishing all the exquisite quilting you have finished. Though I suppose cross hatching is a tad boring, I think it is beautiful and always gives the most lovely texture. Yay, that you will soon be stitching the bottom of the centre pattern. I can just imagine how striking it will be and how it will pop among all the cross hatching.

  9. What a beautiful cactus. Mine has blossoms but nothing as showy as yours. They are gorgeous plant!

  10. I admire your beautiful hand quilting, Gretchen. All your stitches look so perfect! Truly gifted.

  11. Sure is looking good, Gretchen!! What an heirloom!!

  12. Have a wonderful time at the retreat , Gretchen. Your quilting is absolutely stunning. Your Christmas cactus is so pretty. Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Your stitching is beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your retreat.

  14. This will be a beautiful wholecloth. It looks like an antique and family heirloom (when finished!)

  15. I just love the dimples that come from hand quilting. The visual texture as well as hand feel is just so comforting.

  16. Oh my goodness!! I've been missing out on watching you work up this beauty. I really like the effect of the different thread colors, and it will be absolutely gorgeous when the print is washed out. That is so. much. crosshatching. I can't imagine marking it all - pre-printed is definitely the way to go, I'm thinking.

  17. Absolutely STUNNING quilting! And the blooms on your Thanksgiving Cactus are AMAZING! Mine doesn't have any this year. What's your secret?