Friday, July 23, 2021

Bonneyville Mill Quilt

In my county we have a park called the Bonneyville Mill Park. Supposedly it is the oldest grist mill in continuous use in the state of Indiana. 

Over the years I have purchased flour from the mill. The flour comes in muslin bags, I've been saving the bags for years intending to make a quilt with them someday.

That quilt finally happened this summer. I had several days in a row with no outside work or grandsons so I  came up with a quilt flimsy of my own design. I just had an idea in my head and went with it. I didn't even sketch it out before hand!

It was really windy the day I took a picture so I didn't do the best job, sorry.

After the bags were emptied, I would hand wash them. The mill uses a red stamp to stamp the bag with the type of flour. I tried to set the ink before washing by pressing with a hot iron but it didn't help, the ink still bled. Hopefully, over time, the red ink will wash out.

The bags are in two sizes, depending on the amount of flour purchased. 

The size of the flimsy is 80" wide by 78" long. Now I need to get this quilt quilted and I'll do a better job of taking pictures.

This quilt isn't meant to be a beautiful show quilt, it's going to be a functional picnic quilt used by the grandchildren, perhaps a picnic at Bonneyville Mill park someday.

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  1. Very interisting and you made a pretty picnic quilt, Gretchen.
    Bonneyville Mill Park is a beautiful place.

  2. This will be a great picnic quilt. Not only will it be functional, it is a historical record - the Mill would probably love this quilt. I'm anxious to see how you quilt it. ~Jeanne

  3. that would be great for a picnic quilt. We have a mill in Arkansas where you can buy flour but it is quite a distance from me I don't remember what kind of bags the flour comes in it has been a long time since I visited it.

  4. What a wonderful way to save a little history and to give the grand-kids a fun picnic quilt. I can imagine years of use and someday, one of the grands will want to save this because of their memories, even though it may be worn with a few tatters.Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I can see mending tears with circles. They will look perfect on this quilt. Once it's back from the long arm quilter, I'll have the grandsons test it out with a picnic in the yard. It will probably go to the local son then one of his sons if it lasts that long. They gave me bags for the quilt too.

  5. Oh what a fun Idea!!! It will be a great picnic quilt and will help your grandkids make LOTS of memories!!

  6. How wonderful, as you say, perfect as a picnic quilt!

  7. Wonderful way preserve the mill info. Maybe the label on the back will include info about how long it has been in use.... Hope it shares many, many fun picnics with your family.

  8. I love the idea of a picnic quilt! DH and I rarely get down on the grass/ ground anymore, but I love the thought! I guess it could be used to cover a picnic table, fold and sit on a picnic bench or cover a cold granny’s knees! I digress! I’m sure your son and family will use it lots! Great idea!

  9. I'm from Middlebury, so our senior class had pictures taken at the mill. A few years later I had wedding pictures taken at Bonneyville. I love this and know it will be an heirloom. They should give you empty bags and have you make a quilt as a fundraiser! Thanks for sharing so I can remember a bit of my history.

  10. What a unique and fun project! I sure liked your idea of having a picnic at the Mill with the grandkids. What a great way to make a memory!

  11. This is such a great idea for a work quilt, Gretchen!

  12. This was a very fun idea - love the result.