Saturday, May 26, 2018

Appliqueing Star Dance

The rain system that had been over northern Indiana for the last several weeks has finally moved out and we've got sunshine! 

After several days without any precipitation, we can finally get into the fields. Spring planting has been seriously delayed and every farmer in our area is going as hard and fast as they can.

This week we big baled our 18 acre hay field.  Normally we are able to make four cuttings of hay a season but that may not happen this year because of the late first cutting.

I was not able spend as much time on hand work this week because of being outside. I'm not complaining, I'm very thankful we can be in the fields and I enjoy being outside after the long, long, long winter. 

Star Dance is almost finished. I need to add the circles to the center of the flower star blocks. I also want to add more circles to the border. I think the applique looks rather bare in some places.

She measures measures 60" x 70". I've changed the pattern by piecing more blocks and I putting the stars on point. 

I've mentioned several times in posts that Star Dance was my 2017 RSC quilt. Actually Star Dance was not my only 2017 RSC project.  I had a second project, a 4-Patch summer quilt which we are using now since it has finally warmed up.

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  1. Both of your quilts that are pictured here are beautiful! You do really nice work. Sometimes bare is good as it lets the other work shine.

  2. OMG! Your summer quilt is so impressive! I love it. How big are the 4-patch? I am so tempted right now. Absolutely gorgeous. Love your applique too. Some dots on the border would be nice. Go for it. ;^)

  3. It is boring when it has several days of rain, now that you got sunshine enjoy!!
    You are doing a wonderful applique for Star Dance Quilt it will be a gorgeous quilt.
    And your Four Patch summer quilt is lovely.

    1. You better believe I'm enjoying the sunshine and heat. It was a long winter. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations on finishing (almost) your RSC. It is going to be lovely. I think the borders are nice like they are. You can show off some quilting in those blank spaces. Just a thought, but you have probably already thought of that. LOL

  5. Your two quilts are just so beautiful, I love them!

  6. I like the rainbow colors of your four patch quilt. Makes a good bed size piece.

  7. The 4 patch is so striking - and your Star Dance is going to be a beauty!

  8. Hi Gretchen,
    We had that same rain storm, only we were on the northern fringes. We still have SO much standing water some fields still cannot be planted. Amazing! But the nice weather for this weekend is a welcome relief. Your four-patch quilt looks beautiful on your bed! Happy Sunday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Love BOTH Star Dance and your RSC 4-patch quilt. Just gorgeous! Enjoy your stitching.