Friday, September 17, 2021

Easy Breezy Flimsys

I've managed to stay on track with piecing the monthly RSC blocks this year but I've had enough, I'm ready for some finishes!

Bonnie Hunter's Leader/Ender project for 2020 was the easy breezy block. She gave the directions for two sizes, 6" finished and a smaller one that I didn't pay attention to.

I adapted the pattern to use strips from the 2.5" box and made blocks that finish at 8". I've made these blocks for over a year and have enough blocks to make at least 3 flimsys. 

I'm tired of piecing these blocks so now I'm sewing quilt tops. All 3 of these flimsys have sashing and cornerstones.

Flimsy 1 - I pulled all the soft, pastel, light blocks. There were also some blocks made with older fabrics that didn't have a sheen, they were included in this bunch. 

I arranged those 48 dreary blocks then pulled brighter or darker strips from the box and cut the 8.5" rectangles I needed for sashing. Of course I added yellow squares for cornerstones. It's too busy for my taste but I'm sure someone will love it.

Flimsy 2 - I used leftover gray charcoal fabric for the rectangles. When I saw there wasn't enough, I pulled a dark blue batik. 

When it's in the  90's with a heat index factor of over 100, at grandma's you get to run around in your swimming suit so you're set for a quick dip in the little tub. He's showing you his muscles.

Flimsy 3 - I said in one of the above paragraphs that I had enough blocks sewn to make 3 flimsys. It turned out I was 8 blocks short so I sewed 8 more easy blocks. I used orange strips since orange hadn't been used this year, then it was the color chosen for September! There were plenty of orange strips in the box.

After these blocks were pieced, I arranged the last 48 block for another flimsy. This time I used a brighter blue batik. I had no plans for this fabric, time to be used! It's surprising how much fabric it takes for the sashing. I think this flimsy is my favorite  of the three. Those orange blocks and bright blue sashing certainly light up the quilt!

All of these flimsys measured 63" by 83".

The easy breezy blocks were a fun easy project to sew along with RSC. Now I have three more comforter tops for the comforter bash.

Our daughter is visiting now. We're keeping her busy doing odds and ends on the farm website and my blog. After she did some research, she decided Mail Chimp was right for my subscription link. It's at the top right hand side, you can sign up for post deliveries by email again!

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  1. great way to use up the scraps! lots of color in the quilt

  2. Marvelous quilt design, so much movement!! Great job!

  3. All of these flimsies look great. This had to be a nice change of pace after piecing all of them. ~Jeanne

  4. great job- I like the way you put them together

  5. Great block for some great flimsies! I love #2 the best but really they all are lovely.

  6. Oh my gosh - these are just so fun and happy quilts!
    and look at those muscles!! what a kid!! love it!

  7. Those turned out great, Gretchen! I think my favorite is Flimsy #2. Happy quilting!

  8. You did a great job with the 3 filmsy. Great use of scraps. I love #3 the best too.
    Grandson is having fun at grandma's house.

  9. Three great flimsies! Love the muscle man pose.

  10. Wow, you did a fantastic job on those. You should be proud.

  11. I love your 3 flimsies! I will have to re-sign up for your blog posts and see if they come quicker through your new mail chimp service!
    Bet you are loving having your daughter there!!!
    Have a great weekend and your grandson sure does have big muscles 💪 to show off… cute!!! Kathi

  12. I do like the orange blocks with the bright blue. So happy! Great muscle show as well! So sweet

  13. I like what you're doing with your Easy Breezy blocks! I haven't made nearly as many as you, but it's definitely time to do something with them.

  14. I started out making the small ones in Bonnie’s directions. I got tired of them fairly quickly I’m going to have to decide what to do with them one of these days. What size are your cornerstones?

    1. Everything in my blocks are based on 2.5" squares and strips so the cornerstones are cut at 2.5" and finish at 2". I wanted a blocks that would use larger strips than what Bonnie called for and that box is very much decreased!

  15. Wow, loads of lovely blocks adding up to lovely finishes, Gretchen. I enjoyed reading all about them and your oranges too and how sweet to spy a muscular little grandson in a photo too!

  16. That's amazing how many nice-sized quilts you got out of the Easy Breezy blocks. That picture of your grandson took me back to the days of my son. He had those giant muscles too! Ha!

  17. What a great group of quilts you have flimseys for! Each one is a learning experience for color, etc.