Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nearly Insane Blocks

Since I've completed the Solstice Challenge quilt top, I've been spending my time piecing Nearly Insane blocks. There are 11 blocks in this row. The half blocks are already completed.

Here are the blocks that have been pieced so far.

This block is my favorite block of the row. She also has the most pieces with 73 pieces.

I did make a change with the direction of the HST's on one side. I can't believe she really intended for 1 row of HST's to be backwards. I think it was a case of better done than perfect.

I had planned to put the same flowered fabric that is in the center, into the pinwheels but I didn't have enough. Sure enough, after the block was pieced, I found more fabric.
I'm not very fond of this block. I think she would look better if I had made the very center strip alternating just yellow and white strips instead of scrappy. But I can live with this block and she is not going to be remade.
This block is made with older fabric and is a softer blue. She is a quiet, gentle block and adds contrast to her darker sisters. She also has my favorite design, paisley.

There are 2 dark fabrics in this block. The outside fabric is a dark indigo blue while the center star points are a little lighter dark blue. I don't know if the camera picked up that subtleness or not. This block is my #2 favorite block of this row so far.

This block was more tricky to piece with the diagonal pieces in the center and the different corners. The white triangles in the corners will show up better when the yellow sashing and blue cornerstones are attached. It was fun to see the pieces come together.

This is the bottom end piece. Her twin has been pictured here on my blog before, but it would have been way back in January 2016 when I first started piecing Nearly Insane.

There are five more blocks in this row. I have the next four blocks prepped, but the fifth block looks rather challenging. I'll let you know next week how that goes.

I won't have time to sew the rest of this week. The Pennsylvania grands are coming to visit for several days. They're bring their parents along too so we will have an full active house. 

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  1. One consolation about the block you don't like so much is that it is small and will blend in with the rest of them. they are looking really good.

  2. Beautiful blocks with a fantastic color combination! I bow to your talents!

  3. Great to see your Nearly Insane progress!

  4. You have been busy, they all look great!

  5. I like the same 2 blocks that you do. I have some of the fabric that you used in background and in 3 other blocks. One of my favorites. It is the blue wheat pattern on white. Excellent work Gretchen. This will be such a beautiful quilt! Enjoy your grands.

  6. Så many beautiful blocks, and it is a lovely colors combination! :-)

  7. I understand your frustration with HSTs. They can be problematic. But you have made good progress on the blocks. They look terrific.

  8. Absolutely amazing piecing skills...I so admire folks like you that can tackle a project like this! It's fun to see the progress, and inspiring as well.

  9. I am partial to blue and yellow combinations. Your are great!

  10. Hi Gretchen,
    You are doing a nice job on these squares. It doesn't have insane in its title for nothing - I'll be many folks wouldn't even attempt the pattern (like me). I love the fabric you chose, and I look forward to seeing the completed flimsy! ~smile~

  11. Blue and white and yellow are so pretty together, and those blocks are looking great! I don't know much about the Nearly Insane pattern, but I can guess, just by its name! :)

  12. Beautiful blocks! I gave up on the nearly insane quilt about 10 blocks in. So many tiny pieces! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  13. Some pretty blocks happening there. Love the colour combo.