About Me

My husband and I own and operate a dairy farm in northern Indiana. I help on the farm, keep the farm account books, raise a garden, keep the yards mowed and cook all the meals. My passion though, is for quilting.

I don't  know when I learned to quilt, it seems like I've always known. I grew up in a quilting family, my mother quilted as did both my grandmothers. The church I grew up in had an active sewing circle. I attended along with my mother and grandmothers during summer when I wasn't in school and quilted on the quilts that were in the frames. I just grew up in a quilting world and thought everyone knew how to quilt.

My quilting life took a major advance in January 2006 when I joined the Maple Leaf Quilt Guild. Since joining the guild I have learned to hand applique, machine applique, English paper-piecing and I have even started doing some machine quilting using my home sewing machine.

I am no longer a member of the guild, I appreciate all the skills I learned and the encouragement I received.

After spending so much time at home during the covid pandemic, I decided to keep staying at home so I could accomplish more with my time.

 I'm basically a hand quilter but do utilize the skill of long-arm quilters.

If you wish to contact me, you may e-mail me at villacrestfarm@gmail.com.


  1. Your pics of farm life are enjoyable.. and reading of your hand quilting is wonderful..hand quilters are similar to four-leaf clovers..rare and collectible. Machine quilting is faster.. if faster is the goal. Nice to stumble onto your blog.

  2. I just found your blog and realize you live where I grew up! I'm from Middlebury, and the Maple Leaf Quilt Guild sounds like Goshen! What a small world. I love the tulip churn and dash quilt, which is how I found you after linking to Fiber Tuesday on The Quilting Room with Mel. I'm a follower now, so can't wait to see what you are up to! I would love the pattern!

  3. I love your quilts. I am in awe of your productivity. I am wondering about Star Dance. How big is your finished quilt? I also love Nearly Insane. Yellow and blue make such a pretty quilt! I started following your blog because of Sweet Surrender.

  4. I love your string quilt projects. I follow your blog. Not just because we have the same first name 😂.

  5. Looking at your quilts is very inspiring! And reading your blog makes me wish I lived in Indiana too.

  6. Thank you for your blog I finding really interesting. It drops into my email box and I read it first amongst all emails! Robyn Sydney Australia