Friday, March 3, 2023

Sweet Kisses

All the blocks for Sweet Kisses have been pieced. There are two blocks in this quilt, one has a pieced plus center.

The other block has a solid colored square in the center with a solid neutral plus.

While I was piecing these blocks, I was thinking that these blocks are going to be a headache to sew together! I am very pleasantly surprised to see that they do lock into each other!

The blocks have all been trimmed, the next step is to arrange them. Hopefully next week I'll have the rows sewn together, maybe even the center will be finished! I'll be satisfied with pieced rows though, who knows what unplanned things will happen in a weeks time.

Here is a link to the Sweet Kisses pattern.

I received an email from Mail Chimp in January telling me that they were going to start charging me for delivering my posts. I'm won't pay them. It would cost me $156 for a year and I have other ways to spend that money.

I'm not going through the hassle of looking for a new subscription service, been there, done that. 

You'll have to bookmark my blog and check for my posts. I normally post on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. I'm not participating in the RSC this year so I don't have a Saturday post.

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Tazzie said...

Gretchen, this quilt is looking just lovely! Thank you for the link to the pattern, much appreciated!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm afraid I'm not a computer person and I don't know what mail chimp is I've heard the name but not what it does. Hope you can find a substitute

loulee said...

Your blocks look lovely.

Ivani said...

I added your blog to my Blogspot reading list and it works well.
This quilt will be beautiful, Gretchen.

Jenny said...

Your blog pops up on my reading list too - I thought that is what most readers do.

CathieJ said...

I have your blog on my reading list and you usually join Slow Sunday stitching so I will be seeing your posts. I am glad that those blocks are stitching together easily.

maggie fellow said...

very nice -cute pattern

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

What a mess! So far Wordpress has been working. There is a free one (I think), but I do not pay that much for their service. I will make note to check your posts. What a bummer. Cute pattern and it always a surprise when we put blocks together and the match! Take care. Hugs

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Those are great blocks!
I prefer to read the blogs anyways - I really get gummed up with too much email - so I like to come visit your actual page... makes me feel like I'm heading over to the neighbors for a chat ;-)

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Pretty blocks, it's going to be a beautiful top.
I too had to change my newsletter service, I'm with MailerLite now, and it's perfect. Tell me if you need help for this.