Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Stars Around the Garden

I've started a new quilt which will be a donation flimsy. The pattern I'm using is called Stars Around the Garden. I'm using older fabric from an Edyta Sitar line called "Snowbird". I pulled additional fabrics from my stash, several medium browns and a couple medium and dark blues, just to give more contrast.

I've completed 9 blocks so far.

#1 This block is made with only fabrics from the fabric line.

#2 This block has some of the added fabrics. 

The brown/blue flying geese are the fabrics I added. I think they blend well.

The blue in the corner HST's is from the fabric line.
#3 Again I added the same brown and brighter blue that I used in block 2.

#4 The corner squares of this block were supposed to be different. The triangle piece was to have been blue but I mistakenly cut background fabric. I just used those triangles and made the block unique. 

If I hadn't told you, you would have never noticed the difference!

#5 These fabrics are from the original line.
#6 Added a different brown which looks good with the light blue of the original line.
#7 Again, a different brown.
#8 The light blue is from my stash.

I never noticed the Whoops! until I took this picture. I'll be taking that bottom row off this evening then resewing. This is an easy fix.

Sometimes I just get in a hurry when I have a block close to competition.

#9 The only fabric from the original line is the background fabric. The blues look fine to my eye but that brown is yuck! 

This block will definitely be reworked. It will be easier to make a whole new block.

If you looked at the pattern on the link above, you saw there is a medallion center. I'm working on the applique but you'll have to wait until Sunday to see my progress.

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  1. What lovely star blocks! At least you found the mistake in block 8 before the quilt was assembled! I'm anxious to see what you have planned for the center!

  2. Love this, Mom! And the name makes me like it even more. (I can't figure out why it only names me as "unknown.")

  3. These blocks are all so lovely! I really love the different fabrics together.

  4. I do love seeing blue with taupey/brown. It's lovely.

  5. Blue and brown are a favorite color combo. My very first quilt was blue and taupey brown.

  6. Those are really really pretty blocks - I am glad you found the boo boo - Usually I don't find it until its quilted *sigh* LOVE your fabrics you used!

  7. I really like the block you aren't happy with. It's all in the eye of the beholder :)

  8. Hi Gretchen! It's fun to be able to see all the different blocks before you place them in their spots. I'm an overall-picture kind of person so I don't necessarily see the individual pieces in all their glory. I look forward to seeing your post on Sunday/Monday showing what you're working on now. I didn't think the tan/brown looked bad at all, but I'm not there seeing it in person. Nor do I know what you're seeing in your head or your mind's eye as they say. It is different from the other though - it might stand out but possibly not. There's both sides of that argument in a wishy washy sort of way, huh?!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. These blocks are beautiful! I love the blues and browns together. I think block 9 is fine, I wouldn't re-do it, but maybe "in person" it is more bothersome. Great job so far, it's going to be a beautiful quilt.

  10. I love each one of these star blocks, Gretchen — I do not see this “yuck brown” of which you speak! I like the accidental design change to the corners of that other block, too. You should just trust your subconscious and quilt on autopilot because clearly your brain knows what she’s doing even when you don’t …. ;-)

  11. All these blocks are lovely. They are going to look fabulous all together in a quilt. A good thing you noticed your little boo boo early. =) Those fabrics pulled from you stash dance wonderfully with the "Snowbird" fabrics.