Sunday, September 8, 2019

Happy Little Things

I actually started a BOM in August called Happy Little Things with Jacquelynne Steves. I had planned to use leftover fabrics from Metro Rings, but then I saw the red & white block Leeanne made and changed my mind. My block though is going to be in blue, yellow and white.

 Here is the block I made for August . . .

And September's block.

For variety, I turned this flower a different direction.

I've embroidered 2 more blocks of alternate designs which are available on the website.

They're slightly blurry, sorry!

I'm always using white backgrounds for embroidery. I decided to be brave and bold and use a white with a gray print.

You can choose how you want to make your block, applique or embroidery. Instead of a quilt, Brenda made the blocks into pincushions which are really cute!

I had originally planned to make 6 blocks for my quilt but I've since changed my mind. There will be more blocks and I'm not going to finish my blocks the way Jacquelynne has designed. 

In case you're wondering how Sweet Surrender is coming along, I haven't quilted a single stitch all week! I did check to see if the quilting fairy stopped by during the night to put in a few stitches, sadly, no. Hopefully this week won't be as busy as last week.

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  1. I love these sweet blocks. I really like the background fabric that you chose.

  2. Your little embroidered blocks are indeed happy little things! I love the combination of the blue and yellow thread. The designs are so very sweet.

  3. Your stitches are gorgeous! I love the background fabric. I was tempted by the Jacquelynne Steves stitch along, but am trying to refrain. I have too many projects at the moment. I have done one of hers in the past and it turned out to be one of my favorites. Happy stitching.

  4. Your embroidery is lovely! I really like it in the blue and yellow! It will be fun to see how you finish the blocks and put the quilt together.

  5. I love your embroidery blocks! It's so amazing how the same pattern inspires so many creative variations!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  6. Hi,
    Like the background fabric your using...your embroidery is really good!
    Have a great day!

  7. Cute stitcheries - thanks for sharing your pictures. I tried to sign up for this project, sent in my email but never got a response. So I will just enjoy following the rest of you.

  8. Lovely embroidery! I haven’t started that one yet though am saving the instructions.

  9. Love your color choices! So fun to see them in blues and yellow.

  10. I love your little embroideries... I am excited for the new year and to start my embroidery project!!! I wish I could clean my quilting plate before then but I doubt before New Years! lol Yours are divine! Enjoy the stitch along :D
    I hardly stitched anything on my quilt in the frame week before this one but made up for it this week and rolled the quilt even :) Now time to head back into the sewing room for some grand baby bib making!!!
    Have a great week... we are having cool mornings now!!! Are you??? Kathi

  11. I find that I am getting more into embroidery lately. I love your designs.

  12. So cute and I am sure that your design of the quilt will be pretty! Like the blue and yellow!

  13. Gretchen, I am caught up on your posts. I have to say your version of Sweet Surrender is stupendous! And the quilting you are doing on it is immaculate. A treat for these eyes to see. Of course your little embroideries are sweet too. I like the varied backgrounds; like you I usually go for whites so a nice change. Happy to be following.

  14. These are sweet blocks! It will be fun to see how you're going to set them, since you're doing them differently.