Sunday, April 29, 2018

Quilting Insanity Week 5

Another row is completed on Nearly Insane. All of the 6" finished blocks have been stitched in the ditch.

Left side border and half triangle block.

I know you can't see the stitching in the border. I'll show you a picture of the back of the quilt when she is finished. The white thread should show nicely in the blue backing fabric.

This was my favorite block of all the blocks I've quilted so far. 

When I pieced this block, I pressed the seams open so I was unable to stitch in the ditch. I quilted in from the seam not quite 1/4th inch. I love the texture this created. And yes, the octagon shapes are supposed to all have the same measurement of edge. Even though I paper pieced this block, they can still get not perfect. That's OK, it's just give my quilt character.

Half triangle block and left side border.

Have you noticed that the half triangles that are every other row is the same on each side? When the triangles were pieced you had a choice of two ways. First way, piece one block and cut it in half but then you don't have a quarter inch seam allowance. Or the second way, which is what I did, piece each half separately.

The above row was row 2 1/2 of the Nearly Insane quilt (for my own use I call the rows with the side triangles half rows). I had finished the quilting by Wednesday. Thursday afternoon I sat down to just stitch a few stitches and I couldn't stop quilting! Friday I quilted a lot too and I finished row 3; this week was a twofer so here are those blocks.

This block was one of the blocks I think Salinda was using leftover pieces of fabric. I don't like it that well but I can live with it. I certainly wouldn't want a whole quilt with blocks like this.

Since this block has so many dark fabrics, I tried to see if I could make the quilting show more. It does in the white and yellow fabrics but doesn't show very well in the dark fabric.

I didn't show you the outside and zigzag borders. They always look the same.

I'm sure I won't get 2 rows quilted this week. Spring has slowly arrived, the temperature is warmer, the grass is green and needs to be mowed.

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  1. Your quilting is lovely. I really like all of those blocks, but I agree with you on the one that you aren't crazy about. It seems so different from all the others. On the whole this quilt is gorgeous though.

  2. The snowball block is my favourite...your quilting adds such lovely texture. This hand stitching thing sure is addictive!

  3. the more I see this quilt in the blue/yellows the more I love it - I am beginning to think it was the colors the designer used that turned me off to the quilt when I had the book (traded it off and no longer have it now) I could not begin to imagine it in any other color for some reason

  4. Gretchen I love your quilting on this row! I love that paper pieced block you quilted not in the ditch and each block has it's own character so nicely... I can't wait to see the quilt out of the frame front and back! Won't that be some fun picture taking too :) Thanks for sharing your progress! Kathi

  5. Hand stitches add so much depth to these already striking blocks. On Thursday afternoon, you may have gotten in the ‘zone’ as you kept on quilting. A good thing!

  6. Your octagons look perfect to me. Great progress on the quilting. Such a beautiful way to finish off a fabulous quilt

  7. You really made a lot of progress on your quilting this week. It really is lovely work. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. Your hand quilting has really made this quilt. You should be so proud.

  9. You are outdoing yourself! Such beautiful stitches - Enjoy the nice weather!

  10. I admire who hand quilting, and your is just perfect.

  11. Lovely hand quilting, very delicate. I love this quilt!

  12. Thank you very much for your inspiration this week at the Show and Tell Monday !! Bambi