Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Nearly Insane & Other Retreat Projects

The focus this week has been on adding the borders to Nearly Insane. The first narrow blue border measured 1" finished and the zigzag border is 3" finished. The outside border was cut at 5 1/2". She is 86" square.

It was very windy outside and I had trouble getting a good picture of the flimsy.

And then the wind really picked up.

And then, even windier!

So I gave up and laid the top on our bed and took a boring picture.

Normally when I add an outside border, I cut the fabric the length of fabric but I couldn't with this fabric because it was directional.

First I had to find the repeat which was 6". I opened up the fabric and cut 6" strips across using this flower as my reference point. The pencil is pointing at the flower. 

Sorry the photo is blurry but this is a close up photo! And yes, this was a posed picture, I just noticed I have the ruler backwards.

I used a white Sewline pencil to mark the strips for my repeat seam. 

I cut a 1/4" seam allowance, put the 2 pieces together and sewed them.
In this picture the seam looks obvious but if you stand back, you don't see the pieced strip.

I sewed the borders to the body, making sure the vine was on the end.

This is one of the mitered corners. You don't notice the miter because the vine was on both ends and it blends in.

I pieced the first block for Nearly Insane on January 11, 2016. I kept track of the number of pieces in each block. The pieces in the blocks total 4687 and there are 564 pieces in the zigzag border for a total of 5251 pieces. I didn't figure how many pieces with the sashing included, maybe I will sometime but not today.

* * * * Update * * * * I have been asked by several commentators if I am going to hand quilt Nearly Insane. The answer is, yes, of course I am going to hand quilt her. Nothing against quilting on machines but it would cost me a fortune to have Insane custom quilted the way I want her quilted. And I can't stand the thought of overall quilting on this quilt. It will take me some time to get her in the frame. Hopefully that will happen in another week.

I had told you I would show you the other retreat projects later. I've finally got them photographed and here they are.
Over New Years weekend, I pieced a Regatta Quilt. This was through a sew-along-at-your-own-pace with Roseanne and Peg. I haven't quilted my Regatta yet. There were a lot of leftovers from Regatta. I wanted to piece those leftovers and then quilt them both at the same time. This is my version using those leftover fabrics. All that is left of the original jelly roll is 13 - 2-1/2" squares. 

I'm not sure when I will get Regatta and Leftovers quilted, they'll just have to wait their turn.

Last fall at the Jane Stickle Retreat, I made rail fence blocks with a jellyroll. I cut yardage for the red fabric. After I had sewn quite a few strips together, I remembered I had planned to cut the red into 1 1/2" strips not 2 1/2" strips. Oh well, I certainly wasn't going to take those strips apart so I sewed the rest of them that way.

This winter I cut them apart into squares and then sewed them together at the guild retreat.

I need to add borders, piece a backing and sew the binding. This is a donation quilt and will become a knotted comforter at the MCC Comforter Bash in November.

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  1. The border you chose for Nearly Insane is perfect....

  2. Gretchen, your Nearly Insane is just exquisite. I think you did a great job with pattern matching your border print -- the seam line is going to be totally invisible once it's quilted, and I really like the effect you got with your vines at the corner miters.

  3. I love your Nearly Insane quilt, I am sure you felt that way matching that border fabric so perfectly. Thanks for linking to Sew,Stitch, Snap, SHARE.

  4. love your insane!! are you going to hand quilt it?

  5. Oh my Gosh.... your Nearly Insane is Stunning.
    The border is so cleverly/carefully pieced, it's just beautiful.
    Congratulations on such an amazing finish!

  6. Nearly insane is beautiful. I guess I have the same question. Are you going to hand quilt it?

    1. Yes, I am going to hand quilt her. I have added an update to my post if you want to read it. Hopefully by this time next week I'll be quilting again.

  7. Fussy work creating the mitered borders for your quilt but well worth it.

  8. Awww. Your quilt is so wonderful. I'm also amazed at your final border, how perfect it is for your quilt. Good find!
    Will love seeing how you quilt her.

  9. This is spectacular! Look forward to seeing it in the quilt frame!

  10. This is my favorite Nearly Insane I have seen.

  11. Wow, love your quilt and borders! Great pictures into the wind ;)

  12. What a gorgeous quilt it will be. And kudos on using up those leftovers!

  13. I love the name of your quilt. Your pattern matching on the border is fabulous! It's a beautiful quilt. I hoe you enjoy the quilting process. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF.

  14. Seems like it'd be hard to get any work done, I'd just want to gaze and admire.

  15. Gretchen! That fabric was so perfect for the outer border, and you're my kind of lady for sure, taking the time to line everything up so beautifully with its print. What an amazing job! It's absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on the finish of your Nearly Insane top!!!

  16. Wow! Your quilt is amazing! I also love what you did with your Regatta leftovers. I haven't played with mine yet.

  17. Love all the pics of the quilt even with the wind ......