Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pink RSC Blocks

I've made my pink Star Dance blocks. These sweet little guys finish at 4".

The display wall full of stars.

They're off the wall now. I've made detailed notes on how I want to set them. The white squares are cut and so are the side triangles. They're bagged and ready to go to the retreat in November. 

I've been cleaning and organizing my sewing room since I've finished the center of Nearly Insane. The larger pieces of blue fabrics have been folded and returned to the blue box. Then I tackled the smaller pieces. The larger pieces of the small pieces have been cut into usable squares. They're the larger tray. Anything smaller than 1 1/2" is on the small tray. Those pieces have been bagged and will be given to a friend who does beautiful small applique pieces. 

When I finish a project, I always get the larger pieces of fabrics folded and returned to their box but I'm not so good at taking care of the smaller pieces. I have a basket on a small table close to the cutting table. I normally place toss them in the basket and think I'll cut them up later.

'Later' came after I finished cutting the blue pieces. Actually it took me several days to get those pieces taken care of, the basket was full and running over! I've repurposed the basket, from now on, I am going to clean up after each project. 

The small table has been reorganized, the carpet has been vacuumed, it is such a good feeling.

I'm going to get out the fabric for the Pastor's Attic Quilt and start prepping the borders. I don't know how far I'll get with prepping, I'm leaving this week to visit the  Pennsylvania grands.

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Nearly Insane Center Completed!!

You need to use your imagination with this post. You need to imagine fireworks cascading up into the sky behind the words. You need to imagine the music of Tchaikovsky's 1828 overture. Can you hear the celebration with the cannons and church bells ringing?

That is how I feel right now. I've completed the center of the Nearly Insane quilt! Can you feel my joy?

The last 4 blocks to be pieced are in the lower right corner.

This is my favorite block, why? Because it was the last one to be pieced.

I wish now I had put the light blue print in the corners, but hey, it's finished and changes are not happening. I can easily live with it this way.

Here are the other blocks.

This one was easy, only 9 pieces. I think this was the least amount of pieces in a block in the whole quilt.

Sometimes the blocks don't turn out quite like I envision and this is one of them.

Lots of small strips in this one.

The whole right corner.

And of course, the entire quilt!

I pieced the first block of this quilt back in January 11, 2016 when I pieced block 1. In that post I said I wanted to piece the blocks in 18 months, it took 21 months. Also my friends who were also going to piece Nearly Insane along with me never got started on their Insanity journey.

There are 98 six inch finished blocks in this quilt including the side triangles.

What is the next step in my Insane journey? I need to decide which blue fabric I'm going to use in the zigzag border. I need to get the million pieces prepped to take along to the Jane Stickle retreat in November. Maybe it isn't a million pieces but it looks like a lot.

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Purple Star Dance Blocks

The RSC color in January was purple. I made the 4 patch blocks and was finished with purple. Then the last week of January, I pulled a pattern I've been wanting to make for years, Star Dance, and decided to make Star Dance blocks also. I quickly made 4 purple stars. 

In February, I decided I would make 8 stars each month. I needed to make more purple stars, I've finally got them sewn.

These stars finish at 4". 

You probably can't see it in the picture, but these fabrics all have some gold sparkle on them. They're going to add zing to my quilt.

Here are all the blocks so far, just need to get the pink stars made.

People keep asking me how I going to set these. 

The original pattern has them on a straight set with a white square in between. As of right now, I'm planning to turn them on point (like they are in the picture) which a white square in between. After the pink stars are made, I'll have 64 stars so the set will be 8 by 8 except I don't really like square quilts so I might make more stars? I'll decide about that later.

 I do plan to add the applique border. 

These blocks are 4" so this is not going to be a large quilt. That's OK, I don't have to make everything queen or king sized. I'm actually looking forward to making a small quilt for once.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

More Insanity

Slowly, over the past several weeks, I've been piecing more blocks for Nearly Insane.

The 7 block row is completed.

My favorite block of the row is this one. She also has the most pieces in a block for this row, 57 pieces. I did change the block so the HST's would be symmetrical.

Here are pictures of the rest of the blocks.

Some of the blocks are very similar. I have to wonder if she pieced one and then decided to add a different center to the next one.

What do you think?

In this block, I think Salinda had extra HST's from another block so she stuck them together in the center of this one.

None of these blocks were difficult to piece which I'm very thankful for.

This is another block that I think she had unused pieces so she stuck them together.

I tried to add a little bling to this block by fussy cutting the center square.
The next row, which contains 5 blocks, is also completed. 

This is my favorite block of this row and she contains 57 pieces. 

There are several blocks that have flying geese in this quilt. I like all of them.

More pieced blocks . . .

A nice album block, at least I think that's what's it is called.

A view of the center so far. Just that bottom right corner is left to do. 

These blocks finish at 6". All that is left to piece are 2 short rows! I'm excited, I'm so close to having the center finished.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Orange Star Dance Blocks

I've sewn the 8 orange Star Dance blocks for September. These little stars will finish at 4".

There are many shades of orange in this group.

And a picture of all the Star Dance blocks so far.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Miss Rosie's Cake & Cupcake Recipes

Several months ago, at a guild meeting, Elaine gave a demonstration using Miss Rosie's Cake & Cupcake Recipes. After she finished, she handed each of us a recipe packet with fabrics enclosed for us to sample. She told us we could bring back the finished blocks and she would sew them into charity quilts.

Since she had extra packets, I took 2 cupcake recipes and 3 of the cake recipes. I didn't realize at the time that each cake recipe makes 2 blocks.

Here are my blocks. 

First the cupcakes. These blocks were made using 5" charm blocks. You can choose between 3 different patterns using the recipe. For these fabrics, I chose to make pattern 1.

This is my favorite of the 2 cupcakes I made. The cupcake blocks finish at 6".

I chose this pattern for the 2nd block. 

I purposely try to avoid direction fabric when making HST's. It bugs me when lines to don't run the same direction. Oh well.

Now for the cakes. These blocks were made using 10" square fabrics (or layers cakes). I could choose between 6 different patterns for these blocks.

I've always wanted to try a T block, so now I've made 2 T's , a light T and a dark T. The block with the darker T looks smaller but they're the same size.

This floral was so pretty with the purple fabric. I made them both the same. This block reminds me of baskets of flowers.

The last 2 blocks remind me of bear claws, a dark one and the reverse. Again the lines don't run the same direction and the block with the darker print in the center looks smaller but it's not!

The Cake blocks measure 6-3/4" finished.

What's my opinion of these recipes? They were OK, it was nice to try them but I'll never buy the recipes (patterns). 

The recipes are similar to HST papers but they include the squares for you to cut. 

Today, September 29th, Missouri Star & Quilt Co. has Cake Mix Recipe #2 as their Daily Special.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Simple 9-Patch Flimsy

Many years ago, I pieced the center of this quilt. I was trying to reduce the fabric stash, didn't happen. 
The quilt center laid around here for years, I never could decide what fabric to use for the border.

I had errands to run in Shipshewana one day this summer. I took the pieced center along, stopped at Yoder Department Store and showed my problem to my friend Nancy. 

She took one look at the center and said Kansas Troubles. We walked over to the shelf of Kansas Troubles fabrics and she pulled out approximately 10 bolts for me to peruse. I decided on one of the lovely reds. 

During the rainy week several weeks ago, I sewed the borders on the center. Now she is a finished flimsy and I don't even have to quilt her!! She will be hand quilted and donated to a fund raising auction for the school my Pennsylvania grands attend.

Yes, another project crossed off the list!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Blue Squares Quilt

Another small quilt I quilted last week was Blue Squares that I pieced in July using 10" squares. He was fast and easy to piece.

I need the rush of some completed projects after the stress of piecing that last Nearly Insane block, so, after finishing the quilting on Circle of Squares, I pinned Blue Squares and quilted him.

He got simple straight line quilting. The lines are approximately 1" apart. I'm not going to stress out about not perfectly straight lines. He measures 54" x 56". In a perfect world, he would have been square but within 2 inches, that's close enough.

I added a white flange to the binding to add some zing!

For the backing fabric, I used the last of mom's border fabrics. There wasn't enough fabric so I pulled these other blocks from the leftover block box. 

Another charity quilt finished, too large for a crib quilt but too small for a throw. Hopefully he will go to the right person and be a perfect fit for them.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Circle of Squares Quilted

The big baler wasn't available to bale earlier this week and now we are having several days of rain and drizzle. Definitely not haymaking weather so plenty of time for sewing.

I had been undecided about how to quilt the Circle of Squares quilt that I pieced in June for the RSC. I tentatively thought I would do spiral quilting but that just didn't seem right. After I read the post by Roseanne about quilting of Irish Chain (9-Patch), I knew how I was going to quilt her.

I did a little preliminary work before starting the quilting. 

First I marked a X on the quilt then a +. The + was so I would know where the pivot point was supposed to be. 

I think it helped. I quilted the quilt in 4 sections, trying to do a section a day. She turned out very nicely. She measures 44" x 45" and will make a lovely baby quilt.

I didn't have enough of either of the larger pieces of yellow or flowered yellow fabric to use entirely for the backing but I had a lot of the checkerboard blocks leftover from the front of the quilt. It worked!

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Nearly Insane

And I just about did go Insane! The farmer put off hay making for a week so after I pieced as much as I could of 9-Patches & Baskets, I decided to work on Nearly Insane.

These blocks finish at 6" and there are 9 blocks in this diagonal row.

Back in July, before things got really busy, I had pieced these 4 blocks.

They weren't very complicated and went together easily.

Now the blocks that were pieced in August.

Another straight forward block. Sometimes it's hard for me to envision what the block will look like. I wish now I would have put the lighter fabric in the corners instead of the darker fabric but, it's too late. Unless there is a big problem, I don't redo blocks.

This was an easy block, simple to piece. She's just a quiet, simple, troublefree block. 

This block is interesting because the on point corners are at the edge of the block. It looks like I made a mistake because there is no seam allowance left. That's the way it is supposed to be. When the block is sewn into the row, the points are cut off. Look for this block in the picture of the flimsy at the end of the post.

This block is my favorite block of the row. I don't mind set in seams. Wouldn't this star look great as a center medallion in a larger quilt?

This block, #75, just about put me over the edge to Insanity! There were 185 pieces. I can't believe how many errors and mis-cuts I made with this block. It took me 3 days to piece her! She's finally finished and I know she's not perfect but I   don't care, she is NOT going to be remade. Finished is better than perfect.

The quilt top progress so far. Click on the picture to enlarge. I am making the quilt in two sections. The bottom two rows (right diagonal) are not attached to the to body. 

The corner pieces for the center row are pieced and ready to be attached after the the 2 sections are sewn together.

There are 4 more diagonal rows to piece. Each row decreases by 2 blocks so the next row will have 7 blocks. I'm hoping to have the center section pieced by the first of November.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Baskets & 9-Patches

I found the blog Fairies & Fibres hosted by Karen H several years ago. She is an EPP extraordinaire but she also has some interesting quilt patterns for pieced quilts. Click on quilts by Karen H. in the heading of her blog and scroll down.  

Several years ago I made her pattern, Cherry Blossoms. Of course I made the quilt larger than her pattern and added the pieced border.

I've always wanted to make her 9-Patches & Baskets pattern. I can't believe I did this during the summer, but I actually started the quilt last week. Many years ago I sewed strips and pieces  and made a large quantity of 3" finished 9-patch blocks. I used some of them in my double 9-patch quilt but I still had a large basket of the blocks left, perfect for Karen's quilt. I've run out of 9-patches that have neutral corners so I'll finish the quilt another day. This was a fun and quick piecing project since I had most of the 9-patches already pieced.

Of course I modified the pattern to suit me. My quilt is going to be king sized. Also all of Karen's 9-patches had dark corners. I pieced my quilt with alternating 9-patches so they would interlock with each other.

I'm going go through the small pieces of fabrics around here and make more 9-patches. Hopefully I'll have enough pieced to finish piecing this quilt sometime this winter.

I need to add 3 more rows with the blue squares (already pieced) and 4 more rows of 9-patches.

I'll worry about piecing the basket border after the center is completed.

Now I need to return to Nearly Insane.

I'm including a picture of these heifers in the pasture south of our house. They are enjoying the treat of corn husks left after husking sweet corn.

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