2013 Quilts

The winter of 2012-2013 I embroidered the blocks for this quilt then I hand-quilted her during the summer. The pattern is Aunt Bea's Parlor by Black Cat Creations and designed by Judy Reynolds. She measures 45" x 54".

I've always enjoyed embroidering but hadn't done any for several years. This was a very fun pattern to embroider.

Scrappy Sampler in blues & yellow. 90" x 102". 

In 2014, I participated in a guild challenge. Each of the participants had a bag with our own fabrics. Each month the bag was passed to a different person in the group and they pieced a quilt block using the fabric in the bag. The block could be any size or shape and you needed to make a different block for each person. At the end of the exchange, my bag was returned to me. My challenge was to make a quilt with these different sized blocks. I wanted a full sized quilt so I made a lot more blocks. It was a challenge to fit these blocks together, but it was fun! Long-arm quilted by the Three Sisters, New Paris, Indiana. 

Tree Farm by Edyta Sitar 67" x 85" Quilted by the Three Sisters, New Paris. Edyta's pattern didn't call for borders but I added them to make the quilt bigger. I think this is the last of the tree quilts but never say never!

I started this One Block Wonder 97" x 106", at a workshop in 2010. This was a fun quilt to pieced. I enjoyed turning the triangles to see the different designs each block could be. Hand quilted by me.

Broken Star

This quilt was a late wedding quilt for our daughter and her husband. This is the favorite of her quilts. Longarm quilted by the Three Sisters, New Paris, Ind.

I don't have a picture of the whole quilt.

Floribunda, Bonnie Hunter pattern

I wanted to try something bright and sewed up this colorful quilt. Long-arm quilted by the Three Sisters.

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Dar said...

These are all beautiful quilts. I am amazed that you hand quilted the huge One Block Wonder.