Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sisters Choice

One summer, several years ago, I made 9-patch blocks, all different sizes.

I used some of the 3" finished blocks in the Cherry Blossoms Quilt. There are a lot of 3" blocks left. 

I made many 4-1/2" finished 9 patches. I haven't done anything with them yet but I did sketch out an idea . . . someday!

I also sewed at least 100 6" finished 9-patches. Earlier this summer I turned to the queen of scrappy quilts (Bonnie Hunter of course) and see what she had on her Quiltville! blog for 6" 9-patches. I chose her Sisters Choice quilt.

Bonnie tells you to make flippy corners for her Star Points. I didn't want to make flippy corners. I know Bonnie raves about them because she loves the extra HST's for a future project but I think they are just a nuisance. 

I had the bright idea to cut my rectangles with the edges angled and then sew the colored HST's on those edges. By doing this way I don't need those nuisance extra HST's.

I'm sure this would have worked fine if I had used the correct length for the rectangles, but I didn't. The star point were too short for the 9-patches. I know, I should have checked earlier, but I thought I had done the math!

Now I could do one of 2 things, 1 - Make new 9-patches to fit the star points. 2 - Cut more fabric to make the correct size star points. 

I chose to do #3 - none of the above. I just trimmed down the 9-patches to fit the star points.

These blocks will measure 9-1/4" finished instead of the 10" they're supposed to be.

Have I created a new design? Isn't that how new quilt designs are made, by making mistakes? I'm still going to call it Sisters Choice.

I've been sewing these mutant flying geese when I'm in the mood to sew and I don't have anything else to work on at the moment. I'm making progress. After all 724 of them are sewn, I'll trim the 9 patches. I don't know when I'll get these blocks finished but a little sewing time here and there adds up.

Cynthia, from Quilting is More Fun than Housework, has asked us to list our favorite blogs. There are many blogs I enjoy reading, but I am going to just list a few. They all are quilters but they all have different interests in quilting.

Jo's Country Junction and Karen from Quilts.....Etc. They post everyday! Jo sometimes has an evening post too. These two are the first blogs I check every morning over a cup of coffee. Kathy Quilts has a link party on Sundays and promotes slow handwork. 

I enjoy all the blogs I link to. In some of the links, quilters from other countries link up. I get to travel to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada and many other countries. Stitchin Farm GirlGlenda from Patchwork Dreams and Chris from Quilting at the Farm are just several from the very many blogs.

Linking to -  Quilt StoryEsther's Wednesday WOW!, Sew Fresh Quilts, Silly Mama Quilts, My Quilt Infatuation, Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Love Laugh Quilt, Em's Scrapbag, Crazy Mom Quilts, Show Off Saturday

There are also blogs I enjoy reading that don't post very often. These are the quilters who are so busy making WOW! quilts they don't have time to post. Hilde from Every Stitch, Carla-A Few of My Favorite Things, Carole-Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus, Susan-Thimble Stitch, Mereth from Artful Sister.

Click on the sidebars of blogs or linky parties and visit someone new!

There are many other greats blogs out there but I can't list them all. Enjoy your reading! Have a good week. Blessings, Gretchen


  1. thanks for the mention Gretchen :) you list some blogs that I haven't seen or visited in a long time - I've off to look at some. And like you I love some of Bonnie's patterns, but some are so fussy - she has patience for sure!!

  2. Thanks for sharing some of your favorite blogs. It is nice to have some new to me blogs to follow!

  3. Mutant flying geese...funny. I really like the way the block turned out. It is a new pattern.

  4. I like your mutant geese. I agree, it is a new pattern! Wendy at

  5. That sure makes an interesting block! Nice work!!

  6. Glad the block turned out, looks good! Off now to check out some new-to-me-too blogs, thanx for the links!

  7. This layout looks wonderful and what a great new pattern!

  8. Thx for all the blog sites - it appears to me that the Bloggers are really starting to leave and go to Facebook, etc. Guess I will be the last one standing on that one!
    Love the quilt. You blocks look fine. Have a great day! Sorry I am late in posting.