Sunday, March 17, 2019

22 Weeks of Hand Quilting!

It's been 22 weeks of hand quilting on the Pastor's Attic quilt. I've started row 5, which is the last applique row. I'm actually seeing the start of the top border!

Last Sunday I told you I had friends coming to quilt this week. We quilted the section between rows 4 and 5. 

Here are pictures of the quilting. When I look at the quilt in real life, I can see a slight size difference between my quilting stitches and theirs but I doubt you can see it in the photos. The difference doesn't bother me. 

Right side border.

Left side border.

I was so glad to have them come help, this gave me a real boost in the process. I rolled Wednesday evening and Thursday I started in again. 

Yes, this is the correct orientation, this is the top of the right block.

I'm working on the 2nd block now.

I also quilted the right side border but it looks like the picture of the above border so I didn't picture it.

I didn't get accomplish more quilting because . . . I sewed the rest of the hexies onto Lucy last week!

The next step for Lucy is to applique this section onto an outside border fabric. Right now Lucy measures 23-1/2" by 35-1/2".

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Yellow Ohio Stars

I making Ohio Stars for the Ancient Stars quilt. I'm trying to make 10 blocks a month using the RSC color. The QST are the color that has been chosen (drawn?) for each month.

The RSC color for February was yellow. However I had misplaced the yellow civil war charm blocks I had purchased last August from Primitive Gatherings at the AQS show in Grand Rapids. 

I found the fabric package last week and now they're sewn. Some of the yellows in the package were too beige for my taste, not really yellow so I only made 8 yellow stars. 

Some of these yellow stars didn't turn out like I had hoped (mainly the top left one!) and won't make the final cut for the quilt.

I bought the charm package because I only had this fat quarter of civil war yellow in my fabric stash. I didn't want to make all the yellow stars with the same fabric.

Now I need to sew the green stars and I'll be caught up on the blocks.

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Quilting Progress

I finished the row I was hand quilting last week and will be starting the section in between rows 4 and 5. I am starting to get excited now, row 5 is the last appliqued row in this quilt!

This is the center block I was working on last Sunday. Lots of little circles and leaves.

This is the wild strawberry block. I didn't like the way the strawberries looked with french knots so I removed them when I was appliqueing them.

Got to love these blocks with the larger applique pieces, so quick to quilt.

Left side border.

So far I have quilted every stitch on this quilt myself. Monday I'm having some friends come to quilt. I'll have lots of progress to show you next Sunday.

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Infinity Finished!

I finally have a finish, Infinity has been quilted! I decided to try a new long arm quilter and Colleen has done a wonderful job.

The color in the picture isn't true. It should look more red than pink/maroon.

The feathers she quilted in the bargello section are wonderful, they look like butterfly wings. 

Here is a close up view.

A view of the black background and the outside border.
You can see the feathers on the back side, she switched the thread on the back, this side is beautiful too!

The finished wallhanging measures 59" by 57". She'll hang on a wall in our bedroom as soon as I get someone to put the hanger up.
I pieced the flimsy in December. You can read the details here and here, including the pattern and the designer.

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Hand Quilting and Lucy

I was busy piecing with my sewing machine this week and didn't get much hand quilting accomplished.

The right side border has been quilted.
The first right applique block has been quilted.

I've started this block, it will quilt fast. I just need to stitch around the outside of the applique. 

Lucy was a priority last week, all the sections have been stitched together!

I need to baste 30 more of the elongated hexies. I know I had said it was 40 before but thankfully it's only 30. I'm not sure when I'll get those basted. As I said before, I'm so happy that I decided to not make the full sized quilt. I love the way she looks but I haven't enjoyed the process like I thought I would.

I have more Amaryllis blooming. They are such a bright sight this winter. We haven't had a lot of sunshine this winter.

I have another Amaryllis with 5 blooms!

See in the center, the 5th one is just opening.

There is also a another plant that is just opening, I can see it has a teeny, tiny flower bud in the center too!

I guess these bulbs just needed last winter to rest, they sure are doing well this year

The large green planter holds all the 'babies' that have unattached from the large bulbs when I transplant them. I planted them all in one large pot. Someday they'll be big and have blooms too.

I used to have a group of the 'intermediate' sized bulbs but I gave those away. Some of those might bloom this year, but eventually they all will.

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Another Log Cabin Flimsy

Many quilters are making string quilts this year. I'm sewing my strings into log cabin quilts. I've got #3 into the flimsy stage, another autumn log cabin.

I'm having fun making the stars in these flimsies.

I won't be quilting these 3 flimsies. I'm donating them to a fundraiser.

I posted about the first two flimsies in this post. Scroll down to see the log cabins. The 3rd flimsy is the same as the 2nd one except this one has a star in the center.

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Week 19 Hand Quilting

My post is later today. I didn't have time to write last week before leaving for the guild's annual retreat. More about that later.

I've been hand quilting the Pastor's Attic quilt for 19 weeks now. I'm halfway finished with the 4th applique row.

This was a short week of quilting since I left Thursday morning for retreat.

This block quilted fast, just needed to stitch in the ditch around the points.

This block took longer, lots to quilt around.

The right side border. This photo is being shy and doesn't want to appear correctly. I'll attach it when it or blogger decides it's ok.

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