Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Piecing Baskets

I've tested the reduced size foundation paper pieced pattern for the Baskets & 9 Patches quilt just to see how piecing goes. Very straight forward but I did make a few changes to the pattern.

Look at the blue bottom piece of the blue basket, that section is made from three triangles. Why? You can't even see there are three triangles there.

I've changed the pattern and now there is just going to be a rectangular strip of fabric with the corners cut off with the background fabric. Other than that change, the pattern is ready to go.

I'm going to make 40 baskets so I've pulled 20 fabrics, making two baskets from each fabric. I'm slowly prepping the pieces so I can sit and piece all the baskets at a time without having to stop to cut more pieces. This is a very slow, tedious and boring job. I have to force myself to go do it! As I type this post, I've prepped enough for 12 blocks so far but I'm planning on cutting more today. There is always a part of quilting that bogs us down. * *  * I've got them all prepped now!! * * *

The baskets finish at 5" straight set or 7" on point. Forty baskets will probably be more than I need but while I'm sewing them, I might as well sew a few more. I've done the math, 40 should definitely be more than I need but math and I don't always agree.

Hopefully I'll have lots of baskets to show you next week. I'm not dreaming about have the quilt progressed to the flimsy stage but if I do, that would be wonderful.

Here is a link to a post about this quilt if you want more information.

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  1. Hey Gretchen.. Hope your baskets work out just as you planned and you don't have way too many :) Baskets are nice in any quilt and while I love your 9 patch quilt I am sure the baskets the way you envision them will be fun... congrats on getting them all prepped too! Kathi

  2. Well this one basket is really beautiful so I'm guessing the others will be as well.

  3. sometimes I have to change a little bit to a pattern also - sometimes it just makes more sense to have one piece rather than two or three! love your basket

  4. Hi Gretchen,
    That change you made to the base of the basket makes sense to me! I had to giggle at your math comment - I have had my issues with math computations a time or two, and the math always came out on the winning side - not me! Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Still drooling over your Nearly Insane beautiful!
    Meanwhile, I hate math in quilting. I would definitely second that change from 3 triangles to one. But I do love that modern yet traditional somehow. Happy Stitching!

  6. Love the baskets and agree, anytime we can improve on a pattern is great! Mundane parts of quilting really make us push ourselves! Love the color!